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Mistakes to avoid when tiling your own house

Tiling your home by yourself can be easy if you have adequate know-how. But no matter how easy it is, and even if you have the experience, there are some common mistakes that people make on DIY tile installation. So, we've put together a lists of what NOT to do when tiling your home.
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Bathroom Renovations: tips for new homeowners

After buying your first home, you want some renovations done without straining your budget. Tile Wizards have put together some tips to help new homeowners with their first renovation.
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Bathroom DIY: Tiling tips for beginners

To our customers who sometimes ask about bathroom DIY projects, we at Tile Wizards usually tell them that it depends on how much time and experience that they have. But if you've decided go DIY on your bathroom tiling and you're a beginner, we have these useful tips for you.
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Cleaning and Maintaining Tiles

Tiles look brilliant and sparkly when they're new. But, with improper cleaning methods, they can be damaged and their beauty will not last for long. Tile Wizards shares these tips on properly cleaning porcelain, ceramic and outdoor tiles, as well as tile grout.
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Kitchen Splashback Design Inspiration

One functional piece that has a great impact on the overall appearance of your kitchen is the backsplash. Tile Wizards shares these design inspirations on improving the look and feel of your kitchen by just updating your backsplash.
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Add Value With A Kitchen Renovation

You don't need to spend too much on renovating your kitchen. Here are budget-friendly tips from Tile Wizards on how to do a decent kitchen remodel by updating the flooring, splashback, lighting, and paint.
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Decorative Tiles to Make Your Powder Room Stand Out

If you’ve been to one of our stores lately, you have probably seen our great variety of decorative tiles. One of the most frequently asked questions we get is how to incorporate these beautiful feature tiles in a home’s design in a way that won’t tire homeowners and their families.
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Alternatives to Concrete Flooring in Your Home

The unique aggregate look and sturdy durability of real concrete has been unsuccessfully replicated after years of trying with a range of materials. However, thanks to advances in technology, a concrete look tile that is indistinguishable from the real thing has finally been developed - a highly glazed, durable porcelain tile with an impressive concrete print.
Fun DIY project for kids using tiles

Fun DIY Projects Using Tiles

During holidays, when school is out, you can keep your kids busy with fun activities using tiles. Here's an artful tiling project that children will surely enjoy and get occupied with in their free time.
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Tiling Wet Areas: Can you DIY?

There are tile installation projects that are simple and can be done DIY. However, tiling in wet areas can be very complicated and is even illegal to do it yourself in several Australian states. Tile Wizards explains the tiling process in wet areas like the laundry and bathroom.