Home renovation DIY tips, how to’s and other resources

Timber flooring is more than a design choice, it can provide your room with atmosphere and personality

When renovating, DIY projects can help you save quite a bit of money. Many of our customers choose to do some of the manual work so they can splurge on some big-ticket items like their dream soaking tub or rain shower head for the master bathroom or brand new gas range for the kitchen.

If you are planning on doing some of your reno yourself, we have compiled some of our articles with tips, how-to’s and lists of pros and cons to get you ready before you start removing old tiles.

Pros and cons of DIY flooring installation

Tiling wet areas – can you DIY?

Carpet installation – can you DIY?

Calculating tile quantities

How to remove old floor tiles

Pros and cons of tiling over tiles

How to prepare your floor for tiling

Step-by-step tile installation

Tiling tips for beginners

Mistakes to avoid when DIY tiling

Tips for using tile spacers

How to install tiles in a diamond pattern

How to style subway tiles

How to re-grout tiles

How to clean and seal grout

How to drill into tile without breaking it

How to install loose lay vinyl plank flooring

How to remove wall paper

How to lay laminate flooring

How to keep a bathroom remodel cheap

Bathroom renovation tips for new homeowners

Guide: Bathroom Layout

How to design a bathroom

Common bathroom remodelling mistakes

We hope you find these helpful, and once you are ready to start your DIY project, come see our team at your nearest store and we can set you up with the right materials and tools to help you achieve your dream design!

If you are still in the research process, have a look at our tiles, timber and carpet ranges. Once you know what products you want to use, get a free quote from us to help you plan your budget.

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