Outdoor Tiles: What you need to consider before selecting the right one for your project

Tile Wizards share our secrets for tiling your outdoor area

It’s coming closer to the peak of summer, making it the perfect time to get your outdoor setting looking up to scratch. Maybe it’s that BBQ area that you’ve been meaning to fix up or your outdoor fireplace – whatever it may be, Tile Wizards are here to help you get started!

How you choose to undergo outdoor tiling will be different for everyone depending on their geographical location, as different areas experience different weather conditions. This is the biggest dilemma homeowners face with outdoor renovations because these materials must be able to resist all the elements.

However, we have created a list that everyone should consider when choosing to tile your outdoor setting.  Read on to find out what they are.

Patio tiles

Where are you going to install your tiles?

This is one of the first questions you should ask yourself because this will determine the kind of tiles you will need to purchase.

Are they going to be used on the wall or the floor? Will they be undercover or out in the open, meaning they will be rained on? Does the area to be tiled experience heavy foot traffic? Will you need to consider gripping if it’s a slip or non-slip surface? These are all things you need to think about when choosing your outdoor tiles.

What Style are you going for?

Although you want to ensure your choice of tiles is practical, there’s no denying that making it look attractive is just as important. We don’t want you to think you need to sacrifice the appearance of your outdoor area to ensure it will last a lifetime.

Maybe you want to go for a natural stone look, a chic style, or the wood-look – the choice is yours. It’s important to also consider the colour of your house, and whether you want to match it or contrast it.

Nova Stone Light Grey Tiles - Outdoor

Sunlight Exposure

Nothing is worse than walking outside on a beautiful sunny day and have bright sunlight reflect from the tiles straight to your eyes. To avoid such discomfort, our secret is to choose lighter coloured tiles for low light areas, and darker tiles for areas that are exposed to a lot of light. Dark tiles can look absolutely gorgeous if your outdoor area is well lit, but if your space is not light and bright, the same tiles might make it look dark, mundane, and old.

If you’re still unsure or just want to discuss your ideas and options, come see our experts at your nearest store!

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