French-Inspired Bathroom

Making Your Bathroom a Personal Retreat with Tiles

Whether you’re looking for a luxury bathroom, a spa style bathroom or something modern, we have the tiles to get you there!
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Home Renovation DIY Tips, How To's and Other Resources

When renovating, DIY projects can help you save quite a bit of money. If you are planning on doing some of your reno yourself, we have compiled some of our articles with tips, how-to’s and lists of pros and cons to get you ready before you start removing old tiles.
Bathroom Tiles - Alberta 60 Regent Silver Wave

Interior Design Inspired By Popular Destinations

Regardless of the dimensions and location of a space, any room can be given the power to transport you to where you’d rather be. Whether you long for urban New York, industrial London, or even lively Lisbon, we have some great tips to help you achieve your dream style.
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Minimalist Bathroom: Ideal For a Small Space

Household clutter in the bathroom can make your small space cramped and feel even smaller. When deciding on doing your bathroom a makeover, you can adapt the minimalist style which can make congested spaces feel breezy and peaceful. Make your bathroom a sanctuary with these tips.
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Want To Make Your White Tiles Stand Out?

White tiles are a great option for your kitchen and bathroom walls which will give that classic and beautiful look to last for many years. To achieve a unique look and make your white tiles stand out, you can play with grout colours. Here are tips on choosing what grout colour to use for the style you want.
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Bathroom Renovations: Tips For New Homeowners

After buying your first home, you may want some renovations done but worried about straining your budget. Worry not cause Tile Wizards have put together some budget-friendly tips to help new homeowners with their first renovation.

How Can You Keep Your Bathroom Remodel Cheap?

Unless you have enough money, the cheaper option to update your bathroom is a DIY remodel. Here's what Tile Wizards came up with - a list of simple DIY bathroom renovation techniques that even the least handy person can handle, saving you money as you create a space that you love.
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Choosing Tiles For A Small Bathroom

As with anything that matters with interior design, choosing the right bathroom tiles for your project is subjective as everyone has different tastes, wants and needs. However, there are factors that you need to consider when selecting tiles for your bathroom.
Bathroom Tiles - Alberta 60 Regent Silver Wave

Bathroom Remodellers' Most Common Tiling Mistakes

Retiling your bathroom is one budget-friendly way to update your house. However, you should be aware of retiling blunders that could result to more expenses instead of savings. For you to avoid this kind of trouble, we made this list of the most common mistakes in retiling.
Bathroom Tiles - Alberta 60 Regent Silver Wave

How to Design a Bathroom

Remodeling a bathroom can be challenging and expensive, but properly planning on what you want to achieve with your renovation can help you to save both money and time. Here are some basic considerations, and a guide, when planning to remodel your bathroom.