Subway tiles in bath with dark grout

Want To Make Your White Tiles Stand Out?

White tiles are a great option for your kitchen and bathroom walls which will give that classic and beautiful look to last for many years. To achieve a unique look and make your white tiles stand out, you can play with grout colours. Here are tips on choosing what grout colour to use for the style you want.
White, grey, black tones - bathroom

Bathroom Renovations: Tips For New Homeowners

After buying your first home, you may want some renovations done but worried about straining your budget. Worry not cause Tile Wizards have put together some budget-friendly tips to help new homeowners with their first renovation.
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Choosing Tiles For A Small Bathroom

As with anything that matters with interior design, choosing the right bathroom tiles for your project is subjective as everyone has different tastes, wants and needs. However, there are factors that you need to consider when selecting tiles for your bathroom.
Cleaning Tile Grout

Cleaning and Sealing Grout Like You Mean It

Contrary to popular belief, cleaning and sealing grout is a fairly straightforward task. If you want to restore your tiles and grout to their former resplendent glory, here's a simple and easy process that you can follow.
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High Gloss White Tiles – A Timeless Look

The use of white high gloss tiles is an easy and cost effective way to achieve a simple and timeless look throughout your kitchen and bathroom areas. Get inspired with these styling ideas for your next renovation or new build.
Kids' bathroom

Ideas for the Children's Bathroom

Children's bathrooms should be interesting, inspiring and a fun space to learn and grow. Here are some ideas on how to design your kids' bathroom with the right colours, theming, and creative organisation.
Bathroom plants

The Four Best Bathroom Plants

Plants can help in adding appeal to your bathroom, and it helps in purifying the air. Tile Wizards comes up with four indoor plants that should look lovely in your bathroom.
Minks 36 and Minks 30 with Malta Almond

Using tiling trims in your bathroom

Aluminium tile trims are usually used when tiling in areas with corners, like in shower recesses and bathrooms, to protect tile edges from cracking. Moreover, it gives a professional look to the finish. Tile Wizards shares this quick guide on how to install tile trims when tiling your bathroom.

Latest Trends in Bathroom Tiles

Know the latest trend in bathroom tiling styles and ideas from Tile Wizards. Neutral, sophisticated, a balance of warm and cool tones with emphasis on grays and muted colours.
Clean tile grout

How to Clean Grout

Grout lines easily pick up dirt and stains and, before you know it, they turn from white to black. Whether on the floor, in the shower, or on the kitchen backsplash, grout can be cleaned effectively and easily with just a few simple supplies.