Kitchen splashback

Kitchen Splashback Inspiration: What Does Your Kitchen Design Say About You?

Get inspired for your next kitchen renovation as we take a look at some gorgeous kitchen splashback design ideas.
Wall with decorative tiles

Decorative Tiles to Make Your Powder Room Stand Out

If you’ve been to one of our stores lately, you have probably seen our great variety of decorative tiles. One of the most frequently asked questions we get is how to incorporate these beautiful feature tiles in a home’s design in a way that won’t tire homeowners and their families.
Tangiers Turquoise Charcoal Printed Tiles

Coloured Decorative Tiles

If you feel the need to go bold in your design choices to add character to your living spaces, try incorporating coloured and decorative tiles in your room styling. To get you started, here are some design tips using colourful decorative tiles from Tile Wizards.
Outdoor fountain decorative stones

Design Inspiration: Decorative Stone

Want to give your outdoor or indoor areas some stylish, ultra modern features? Here are some design ideas using decorative stones. Whether you're looking at putting up an interior feature wall, or an outdoor water feature, decorative stone is a great material to create that stylish look.