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Home Renovation DIY Tips, How To's and Other Resources

When renovating, DIY projects can help you save quite a bit of money. If you are planning on doing some of your reno yourself, we have compiled some of our articles with tips, how-to’s and lists of pros and cons to get you ready before you start removing old tiles.
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Mistakes To Avoid When Tiling Your Own House

Tiling your home by yourself can be easy if you have adequate know-how. But no matter how easy it is, and even if you have the experience, there are some common mistakes that people make on DIY tile installation. So, we've put together a list of what NOT to do when doing DIY tiling in your home.
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Bathroom DIY: Tiling Tips for Beginners

To our customers who sometimes ask about bathroom DIY projects, we at Tile Wizards usually tell them that it depends on how much time and experience that they have. But if you've decided to go DIY on your bathroom tiling and you're a beginner, we have these useful tips for you.
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Taking The Right Steps for Tile Installation

Planning to install your tiles by yourself? Make sure that you do it the proper way. Tile Wizards shares this helpful guide on the right steps in tile installation.
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How to Install Tiles in a Diamond Pattern

Want to try out something different for your tile flooring? Try laying your tiles in a diamond pattern. Not only will it be an interesting feature in your spaces, it also makes your rooms look bigger. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do a diamond pattern tile laying.
Drilling through tile

How Do You Drill Into Tile Without Breaking It?

Before you start drilling into tiles, we have these tips for you. Read through and follow these important steps to ensure that you don’t break them into pieces within seconds.
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Bathroom Remodellers' Most Common Tiling Mistakes

Retiling your bathroom is one budget-friendly way to update your house. However, you should be aware of retiling blunders that could result to more expenses instead of savings. For you to avoid this kind of trouble, we made this list of the most common mistakes in retiling.
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Using tiling trims in your bathroom

Aluminium tile trims are usually used when tiling in areas with corners, like in shower recesses and bathrooms, to protect tile edges from cracking. Moreover, it gives a professional look to the finish. Tile Wizards shares this quick guide on how to install tile trims when tiling your bathroom.
Installing tiles over existing floor tiles

Installing Tile over Tile: Pros and Cons

When planning on re-tiling a room, the most significant points to consider are the project cost and the difficulty of the job. In terms of these points, the practical way would be to tile over the old tiles with the new tiles. However, there are downsides to this method. Before making a decision, here are the pros and cons of tiling over tiles.
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Installing Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles, nowadays, come in tile sheets for ease of laying. But even so, they can still warp, shift and create crooked lines and elevations, so it is still important to take extra care when installing. Tile Wizards shares these useful tips to guide you on laying mosaic tiles properly.