Kitchen splashback

The Biggest Tile Trends for 2018

The general trends in floor and wall tiles this year involve classic looks with a modern twist. We at Tile Wizards believe that we will see more of classic tiles in eye-catching patterns, unexpected materials and more contemporary shapes.
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Kitchen Splashback Design Inspiration

One functional piece that has a great impact on the overall appearance of your kitchen is the backsplash. Tile Wizards shares these design inspirations on improving the look and feel of your kitchen by just updating your backsplash.
Cleaning Tile Grout

Cleaning and Sealing Grout Like You Mean It

Contrary to popular belief, cleaning and sealing grout is a fairly straightforward task. If you want to restore your tiles and grout to their former resplendent glory, here's a simple and easy process that you can follow.
White Subway Tiles Kitchen Splashback

High Gloss White Tiles – A Timeless Look

The use of white high gloss tiles is an easy and cost effective way to achieve a simple and timeless look throughout your kitchen and bathroom areas. Get inspired with these styling ideas for your next renovation or new build.
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How to Revitalise Your Kitchen

Do you want to update your kitchen but don't have the budget for a full-scale renovation? You can start with tiling your backsplash. It only takes a weekend and can cost as little as $10 per square meter. We have some tiling ideas for you on making over your kitchen backsplash.
Milan Charcoal Tiles

Update your kitchen or bathroom with patterned tiles!

Do you want to add life to your bathroom or kitchen? Try using patterned tiles in your home renovation. Used in your kitchen splashbacks or bathrooms, patterned tiles will not only add life, but will transform the spaces, giving your home the 'wow factor'.
Clean tile grout

How to Clean Grout

Grout lines easily pick up dirt and stains and, before you know it, they turn from white to black. Whether on the floor, in the shower, or on the kitchen backsplash, grout can be cleaned effectively and easily with just a few simple supplies.
Slate Look Tiles Kitchen Splashback

Top 3 tips to making your kitchen splashback a success!

The splashback is an essential element of a kitchen. Why not make it an attractive feature as well? Instead of using the same old glass material, try using tiles to make it stand out. Let us share with you our top three tips on using tiles to make your kitchen splashback a success.