Getting Creative With Decorative Tiles

Do you want to add that extra pop to your home decor without cluttering up your space with vintage antiques or paintings? Make use of decorative tiles which has become an exciting new trend as of late. We have these tips on how you can get creative with decorative tiles.

Flooring In Odd-Shaped Rooms

Oddly shaped rooms often become wasted space as homeowner’s struggle to find a use for these difficult areas. To help you out, we have put together some savvy design strategies that could turn even the cupboard under the stairs into a cosy haven.

Solid Hardwood vs Engineered Timber Flooring

Timber floorboards are a great way to breathe life and warmth into your home. But what kind of timber floorboards should you use? We compared two popular timber flooring materials: solid hardwood and engineered timber, and listed down the pros and cons of each one on using them for your floor.
Tile flooring

Tile Flooring - The Pros & Cons

Tile is one of the common materials used for floor covering. It's beautiful and sturdy, but it also has its downsides. So, before deciding on using it, here are the pros and cons of tile as a flooring material to guide you.
Mockup DChezz Glass Tiles

Pros and Cons of Glass Mosaic Tiles

Glass Tiles has become hugely popular for mosaic creations. They can add colour, zest, and fun to your bathrooms and other living spaces. However, there are things that needs considering on using them. Below are some of the benefits and disadvantages of using glass mosaic tiles.
Tiling wet areas - waterproofing

Install your flooring yourself, or ask a professional?

Now that you have your materials ready, should you do your flooring installation by yourself or should you hire a professional? Going DIY has its advantages, but there are disadvantages as well. Take these tips and advice from Tile Wizards to help you decide.
Installing tiles over existing floor tiles

Installing Tile over Tile: Pros and Cons

When planning on re-tiling a room, the most significant points to consider are the project cost and the difficulty of the job. In terms of these points, the practical way would be to tile over the old tiles with the new tiles. However, there are downsides to this method. Before making a decision, here are the pros and cons of tiling over tiles.