Kitchen splashback

Kitchen Splashback Inspiration: What Does Your Kitchen Design Say About You?

Get inspired for your next kitchen renovation as we take a look at some gorgeous kitchen splashback design ideas.
floor tile laying

How to Prepare Floor for Tiling

DIY tiling is a great way to save some cash during a renovation. But if you want great looking tiles that stand the test of time, there’s no rushing the job. Here are our best tips!
Using tile spacers

Mistakes To Avoid When Tiling Your Own House

Tiling your home by yourself can be easy if you have adequate know-how. But no matter how easy it is, and even if you have the experience, there are some common mistakes that people make on DIY tile installation. So, we've put together a list of what NOT to do when doing DIY tiling in your home.
floor tile laying

Bathroom DIY: Tiling Tips for Beginners

To our customers who sometimes ask about bathroom DIY projects, we at Tile Wizards usually tell them that it depends on how much time and experience that they have. But if you've decided to go DIY on your bathroom tiling and you're a beginner, we have these useful tips for you.

How Can You Keep Your Bathroom Remodel Cheap?

Unless you have enough money, the cheaper option to update your bathroom is a DIY remodel. Here's what Tile Wizards came up with - a list of simple DIY bathroom renovation techniques that even the least handy person can handle, saving you money as you create a space that you love.
Fun DIY project for kids using tiles

Fun DIY Projects Using Tiles

During holidays, when school is out, you can keep your kids busy with fun activities using tiles. Here's an artful tiling project that children will surely enjoy and get occupied with in their free time.
Bathroom Tiles - Alberta 60 Regent Silver Wave

Tiling Wet Areas: Can you DIY?

There are tile installation projects that are simple and can be done DIY. However, tiling in wet areas can be very complicated and is even illegal to do it yourself in several Australian states. Tile Wizards explains the tiling process in wet areas like the laundry and bathroom.
installing floor tiles

Taking The Right Steps for Tile Installation

Planning to install your tiles by yourself? Make sure that you do it the proper way. Tile Wizards shares this helpful guide on the right steps in tile installation.
diamond pattern floor tiling

How to Install Tiles in a Diamond Pattern

Want to try out something different for your tile flooring? Try laying your tiles in a diamond pattern. Not only will it be an interesting feature in your spaces, it also makes your rooms look bigger. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do a diamond pattern tile laying.
Carrara Ceramic Tile Flooring

Should You Apply Sealant on Glazed Ceramic Tiles?

Glazed ceramic tiles have this protective layer that makes them strong and impermeable to moisture. However, sealant is still necessary in this type of flooring. Find out more.