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Floor To Ceiling Tiles Explained

If you’re debating whether floor to ceiling tiles in your bathroom are a good idea or not, there’s a few key factors to consider before you proceed.  In today’s design landscape, bathrooms are no longer seen primarily as utilitarian and functional, but have the potential to offer a designated room to relax, unwind and ultimately […]

Mastering Modern Mediterranean

If you want your home to feel like a villa in Tuscany but aren’t quite sure where to start, mastering a modern Mediterranean look is easier than you think. The Mediterranean Region is generally defined as the coastal areas that surround the Mediterranean Sea. As the crossroads of three continents, the region is typically characterised […]

How To Pair Indoor Plants With White Interiors

While indoor plants are certainly having their moment in the spotlight, many people are unaware of the impact that they can have on a home’s interior design. From countertops, cabinetry, moulding, hardware, splashbacks, appliances and everything in between, according to a recent survey conducted by Houzz, white still holds the top spot as the colour […]

Five Kitchen Design Trends For 2022

If you’re exploring your options for a new kitchen design, it might be worth paying attention to the styles predicted to be on trend as we head into 2022.  This year alone, a whopping one in three Australians renovated their homes with an average spend of $26,000 per project. Considering that the kitchen is often […]

Home Renovation Projects For Beginners

If the summer holidays means having a bit too much time on your hands, tackling a relatively easy DIY project can be a way to achieve a quick home renovation.  By definition, to renovate is to refresh, reinvigorate or restore. As such, the spectrum is huge when it comes to applying this term to property, […]

How To Pull Off A Statement Piece

If you’ve never been confident enough to add a statement piece of decor or furniture to your home, there’s a few factors to consider in order to get it right.  As a general rule, a statement piece is usually considered to be an interesting, attractive or relatively eye-catching inclusion or addition to your home. While […]

The Benefits Of Home Renovation

If you’ve been weighing up whether undertaking a home renovation is right for you or not, then it’s important to understand the potential payoffs first.  A recent study conducted in Australia found that a whopping one in three home owners have conducted a renovation this year, with the average bill sitting at $26,000. While their […]

How To Create A Country Kitchen

If the heart of your home is in dire need of a makeover, modern country kitchen design offers the best of both worlds when it comes to old versus new.  It’s no secret that kitchens are often one of the biggest influences on the final sale figure of a property, so as a result, renovations […]

How To Design Your Own Home Bar

Whether your end goal is to channel sophistication or even just to spend less time at the pub, creating your own home bar is easier than you might think.  When it comes to understanding the exact definition of what a home bar is, the common denominator that links the many varieties together is of course […]

How To Nail Indoor-Outdoor Living

While it’s no secret that many of us are sick of feeling cooped up, indoor-outdoor living offers a weather friendly alternative to get the best of both worlds.  Although the exact definition of indoor-outdoor living is somewhat fluid, it’s also relatively self explanatory. More often than not, homeowners seem to be finding that these styles […]

How To Make The Perfect Mood Board

Whether you’re building a new home or renovating your existing one, creating a mood board is one of the best ways to communicate your vision for your interiors.  Decorating a new space and generalised interior design can be difficult, even if you have a love for it. You might have a thousand ideas of what […]

Why Arches Are Back In Fashion

If curved lines are currently trending in the world of interior design, then it makes sense that arches are back in fashion too – but what’s all the fuss about?  Not so long ago, indoor arches were viewed as extremely outdated and a fad from the sixties and seventies. However, just like many other design […]