Loose Lay Vinyl Ranges

Loose lay vinyl is plank sized lengths of sheet vinyl flooring which makes for easy installation, worry-free maintenance, and replacement. Our loose lay vinyl ranges are inspired by genuine timber flooring, bringing a rich and beautiful feel to any room.

Inovar VINYL Collection (Loose Lay Vinyl Planks)

The Inovar VINYL Collection (Loose Lay Vinyl Planks) collection comes in sizes of 1219.2 x 177.8 x 5mm and 1219.2 x 228.6 x 5mm. It has a PVC surface that still presents a natural look, and allows for loose lay installation. Available in many colours.


Ultimo Loose-Lay Vinyl 5mm

The Ultimo Loose-Lay Vinyl 5mm range comes in various colours in 1220x178x5mm size. This 100% waterproof flooring is made with glass fibre backing for enhanced stability.