Benefits Of Large Format Tiles

Benefits Of Using Large Format Tiles

No longer restricted to large scale commercial operations, did you know that large format tiles have been one of the hottest flooring trends of the year? 

With tile sizes starting from 60cm x 120cm, this flooring material is also commonly referred to as slab tiles due to their size. While not recommended for all spaces and usually requiring a professional to install them, opting to use large format tiles certainly do provide a wealth of benefits that many renovators aren’t even aware of.  

Six Benefits Of Choosing Large Format Tiles 

Tiles have been a famously popular flooring solution for quite literally centuries, but they do usually come in a smaller style. If you’re redesigning or renovating your home, office or commercial space in the near future, why should you consider opting for large format tiles as opposed to more traditional options?

  1. Less Grout – Whether we like it or not, grout lines are an essential component of having tiles as a flooring material. Unfortunately, they can also draw the eye away from the tile itself, so less is more in the instance of opting for large format tiles.
  2. Seamless Look – As large format tiles require less grout and less materials overall, they can transform a space to make the floor feel seamless and distraction-free. When used in a larger area like a kitchen, they can work well with the existing scale and dimensions.
  3. Natural Stone On A Budget – Using larger format tile that mimics natural stacked stone is a perfect solution for creating an eye catching entryway or outside wall, without the large price tag that’s traditionally attached.
  4. Less Maintenance – Having less grout lines between tiles also makes cleaning and maintenance of the tiles much easier (and quicker) than it normally is with smaller tiles, and can potentially save money on cleaning supplies over time.
  5. Illusion Of Space – Whether it’s outside or indoors, clean lines can help increase the feeling of space in a smaller room. Laying large format tiles is a great way to achieve this, as they result in fewer grout joints to distract the eye when you enter a room and make it feel bigger.
  6. Contemporary Design – When you undertake any form of renovation in your home, you should always consider the resale value – is this look timeless, or will it fall out of style in a few years time? A seamless and open look that makes a room feel bigger will never go out of style.

Where To Find Large Format Tiles 

Today, your options for large format tiles are almost limitless, and selecting the right type for your home isn’t an easy feat. With each home, comes a different preference or priority: are you chasing style, functionality, or simply want to stay within the budget?

In operation for over 24 years, at Tile Wizards we pride ourselves on getting you more, for less. We pioneered the warehouse format, and our stores are purposefully designed to make your selection easier, and ultimately offer our customers quality, price and the right advice. 

If you’re on the hunt for a large format tile to compliment your home, outdoor area, or commercial operation, then the good news is that we offer a wide variety of materials with an option for every space. Some of our most popular options for large format tiles include the Stari Tile Range, dPantheum Tile Range, and the Infinity Tile Range – but don’t take our word for it, pop by one of our showrooms and see for yourself. 

If you are looking to get started with tiling solutions or even just want some honest and friendly advice – please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Tile Wizards today for a free quote. We’re able work with you in order to bring your dream flooring solution to life.