Creating A Dreamy Bathroom Sanctuary2

Creating A Dreamy Bathroom Sanctuary

Missing your local day spa? Bringing your own bathroom sanctuary to life is an alternative way to pamper yourself, without leaving the comforts of your home. 

Particularly relevant for busy Mums and Dads, the bathroom is one of the few places we can retreat to for a minute of privacy. While there’s no doubt that some of us daydream about a heated spa bath, twin basin and mini bar in the bathroom, the reality is that many of us don’t have either the space or the budget – or both – to accommodate every item on our bathroom wish lists. 

However, luxury isn’t always defined by budget or space, and the concept of a bathroom sanctuary will resemble different things to different people. For some, it’s a stand alone bath tub, while for others, it’s easy access to a fluffy robe. As a general rule, the good news is that there are still certainly a few key staples to include if you wish to create a space that is both relaxing, tranquil and private – so where do you start?

Creating A Dreamy Bathroom Sanctuary3

Five Tips For Designing A Bathroom Sanctuary 

Oddly enough, the very word sanctuary has two definitions: to seek shelter and safety from danger, and oddly enough, a nature reserve. When it comes to applying this term to the way our bathrooms both look and feel, the aim of the game is to create a space that allows us to switch off from the outside world – but how exactly does one do that?

Upgrade Your Shower Head – Double shower heads are becoming increasingly popular. However, this is not just for a ‘his and her’ experience, but combinations of a rain shower head and a handset to direct streams of water for a spa-like shower experience. Shifting from a wall mounted shower head to a ceiling mounted one when possible also works wonders. 

Invest In Quality Linen – At the end of the day, a bathroom sanctuary is all about how the space makes you feel, not just how it looks. As such, upgrading from a dowdy or thin bath towel to a fluffy and high quality bath sheet can work wonders for your mood. If you have the space to store them correctly, go nuts and invest in a bathrobe and slippers as well. 

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Go For Greenery – When we visit a day spa in the likes of Bali, we often remember the big ferns and vines that are often present in the treatment rooms.  While house plants are certainly having their moment in the spotlight, they’re also known to purify the air, and help to add a natural vibe to any space by bringing the outdoors in. 

Don’t Forget Lighting – One of the easiest, cheapest and most beautiful natural elements that many forget about is sunlight. Whether you opt for bigger windows or insert skylights, natural light can have an effect like no other as it makes a space feel bigger. For a bathroom sanctuary, add warm lamps and lighting if you wish so soak it all in at night too. 

Use Natural Materials – If you’re keen to give your bathroom a full revamp, opt for natural materials to give it the full day spa vibe. Natural stone such as slate, marble, granite and travertine – or high quality lookalike materials – add texture and substance to the space and will complement timber accents beautifully in a nature-inspired bathroom. 

Ideally, a bathroom sanctuary should be a soothing space for you to retreat to. It’s important to keep in mind that a relaxing and tranquil bathroom will look different to everyone, so it’s important to incorporate elements that you find relaxing so that the space can ultimately do its job. 

Creating A Dreamy Bathroom Sanctuary4

Sourcing Further Advice On Bathroom Designs 

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