Decorating Myths Busted

Decorating Myths Busted

Decorating is a lot of fun, but we often find ourselves trapped by old beliefs, resulting in a repetitive decorating routine. Let’s debunk some decorating myths to help you break free from your usual style and create a home that truly reflects your unique taste, whatever that may be.

Myth #1: Never mix your patterns and prints

Stripes and florals? Surely not. Actually, yes. When you combine various patterns and prints thoughtfully, it can infuse your room with a striking sense of style. Staying within a selected colour scheme ensures that each pattern harmonises with the others rather than causing clashes. Just remember to maintain a sense of spaciousness in the room and incorporate solid colours as well.

Myth #2: Never mix design styles

As people, we’re wonderfully diverse. We can have a multitude of interests and appreciate contrasting designs. Loving modern aesthetics doesn’t mean you can’t also embrace the bohemian vibe, for instance. Mixing styles is perfectly fine, as long as you find a way to make them come together harmoniously. Select textures and colours from each style that blend seamlessly, creating a cohesive and balanced look.

Myth #3: You can only put books on bookshelves

For book enthusiasts, there’s nothing quite like having your beloved books all around your home. Books have the power to transform a house into a warm and welcoming space, and you’re not limited to one spot for them. You can sprinkle them in the kitchen, on your office desk, on floating wall shelves, or even in small stacks on the floor. There are creative ways to incorporate books into your home decor that bring cosiness to the room instead of creating clutter.

Myth #4: You can’t use dark colours in small spaces

There are times when you need a room to look larger, and white walls and mirrors can give that illusion better than anything. But dark colours don’t always make a room look smaller, and can, in fact, add some life and character into the small space that a white coat of paint can’t do. If you want to add some colour to a small space, simply limit the number of furniture and finishes.

Myth #5: Neutral colours are boring

Neutral colours are not boring or safe. They’re simply a style choice. There are many other ways to show personality and boldness in a room without having to rely on colour. If colourful rooms aren’t your thing, give your neutral room added depth by including different shades of your palette throughout, and adding some fun design elements to make them shine. The best part about going neutral is that it allows other parts of the room to stand out.

Decorating your home doesn’t come with strict rules. What appeals to one person might not to another, so it’s essential to focus on what brings you joy. While trends can be inspiring, there’s no obligation to adhere to them. When it comes to decorating, the best approach is to seek online inspiration. It will help you quickly identify the styles that resonate with you and those that don’t.

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