Designing A Hamptons Style Bathroom2

Designing A Hamptons Style Bathroom

As a nation of beach lovers, it comes as no surprise that Aussies have embraced Hamptons style interiors – but how do you make it work for your bathroom? 

The Hamptons style interior design is generally inspired by the architecture and decorating of the holiday homes and buildings found in luxury seaside communities of Long Island, upstate from New York City. Essentially, the fundamentals of Hamptons style is white on white, and is usually combined with decorative elements, and of course touches of colour and texture where it counts.

Depending on your own personal style, pops of blue work if you wish to make your Hamptons style bathroom feel more “coastal”. If you prefer a more natural vibe, incorporate lighter coloured timbers and touches of greenery instead – but what else should you be paying attention to in order to perfect a Hamptons style bathroom?

Five Tips On Nailing A Hamptons Style Bathroom 

The fresh, airy palette of white-washed linens, natural textures, ocean inspired blues and freshly painted white timber finishes work beautifully in most Australian homes, and doesn’t “date” as dramatically as other interior designs currently on trend. Since the basics of Hamptons aesthetics is based around having a white colour palette, achieving this look in your bathroom is relatively straightforward. 

Pick Your Palette – One of the primary bases of nailing a Hamptons style bathroom is of course the standard white and grey colour palette. However, most renovators aren’t aware of just how many shades of white and grey there actually are, so be sure to do your research on this. 

Ornate Tapware – While traditionally we always saw ornate tapware used in a Hamptons bathroom, these days it’s also common to use clean, modern shapes for a more contemporary look. Surprisingly, matte black tapware also works for this style too. 

Shaker Style Cabinetry – While there’s lots you can do to inject a contemporary look into your Hamptons style bathroom, one of the “non-negotiables” in achieving this is using shaker style cabinetry as a nod to tradition. 

Add Marble – Classic, elegant and timeless, marble – or marble look alike synthetics or materials – are a popular go-to for renovators looking to add diversity to an overall white colour palette. Stick to the walls or use a herringbone tile shape to avoid it becoming overwhelming. 

Plantation Shutters – Hamptons style is all about keeping a room light and airy, and invokes a feeling of being at the seaside. When harnessing natural light, opt for natural or white plantation style shutters to keep the beach vibes without compromising on privacy.

Sourcing Further Advice On Bathroom Designs 

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