Five Bathroom Tile Ideas For Inspiration2

Five Bathroom Tile Ideas For Inspiration

If you’re in the process of renovating or constructing your wet space from scratch, here’s five of our favourite bathroom tile ideas to get you inspired. 

While there’s no doubt that some of us daydream about a heated spa bath, twin basin and mini bar in the bathroom, the reality is that many of us don’t have either the space or the budget – or both – to accommodate every item on our bathroom wish lists. However your choice of bathroom tile can influence the entire look and feel of a room, so how do you get it right?

Five Bathroom Tile Ideas For Your Next Renovation 

As a construction material, tiles tick all of the right boxes: durability, toughness, practicality and waterproof characteristics – but, they’re also incredibly versatile. With a plethora of colours, finishes, shapes, patterns, designs and sizes to choose from, there’s a tile for just about any bathroom style you can imagine. If you’re overwhelmed with choice, here are a few of our go to materials when it comes to bathroom tile ideas. 

Subway Tiles – A classic subway tile can be applied either horizontally or vertically, depending on your preference. Traditionally white 200 × 100, they’re a classic but inexpensive way to add a dash of character to your bathroom. 

Cement Finish Tiles – If you’re a fan of the industrial look and are looking for edgier bathroom tile ideas, you might want to consider the cement look. Available in a wide variety of hues, a high quality porcelain glaze can offer the same aesthetics of concrete while being practical. 

Rustic Stone Tiles – Brick inspired tiles can bring a sense of warmth to a space that’s usually white on white, and looks great when paired with greenery. An interlocked stacked stone tile can replicate the real thing or even brick, so get creative with your “vibe”. 

Grey Tiles – Just because the minimalist look is “in”, doesn’t mean you’re restricted to white. Modern, sleek and practical, grey tiles don’t tend to age, and look great with the lass and silver accents that are usually present in most bathrooms. 

Marble Look Tiles – While most of us wouldn’t say no to a floor to ceiling marble bathroom, it’s unlikely that our wallets would consent. Instead, consider options that replicate this sophistication, such glazed porcelain marble look alikes with natural ripples. 

Where To Source Further Bathroom Tile Ideas

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