How Reality TV Has Revolutionised Renovations

Reality TV home makeovers and real-life home renovations are vastly different. Without a substantial budget and all the drama, your own renovation won’t resemble what you see on TV. When watching your favourite reality show, the biggest problems usually revolve around minor issues like running out of paint or unrelated contestant drama. In your own renovation journey, you’re likely dealing with bigger challenges, like infrastructure problems or major design flaws. Nevertheless, there’s no denying that reality TV has influenced our perceptions. We now see potential and opportunities when we look around our homes, rather than just problems.

But while opportunities are rife, it’s important to remember that reality TV is not always based on reality at all. Numerous instances exist where these shows have stretched the truth to create more drama or excitement for viewers. Always remember to keep these embellishments in mind when embarking on your own renovation journey, ensuring you approach it with a realistic perspective.

  • They’ve gone over budget: Reality TV shows often mention a contestant’s budget, but the truth is, they frequently receive additional resources. Keep in mind that they benefit from discounted materials and reduced labour costs thanks to the show’s sponsors and partners. Additionally, they may not always opt for the most expensive materials, as their focus is primarily on the final look, not the long-term durability. And when it comes to your own renovation, thinking about how long everything will last and not just how it looks right now is important.
  • They don’t do it all themselves: Although it may appear as if the participants are handling everything on their own, behind the scenes, they’re either receiving assistance or being closely guided by professionals. So, when you find yourself struggling with DIY projects that seem effortless on TV, don’t be too surprised.
  • They don’t always stick to their timelines: Reality TV thrives on excitement, and nobody wants to watch a renovation project that drags on for months. Timelines often get stretched for the sake of television. Keep this in mind when your own renovation takes longer than initially anticipated, as real-life projects can be more time-consuming than their TV counterparts.

The actual ‘reality’ is that TV show renovations are not the same as real ones, and it’s important to know that when you’re watching the show, or when you’re attempting your own project. While some parts are true, there’s a lot that’s exaggerated for our enjoyment. More than likely a real renovation wouldn’t be all that fun to watch.

But what reality TV shows have done for us, is give us inspiration and ideas, and a great deal of excitement. It’s made us look at our homes in a new way, and sparked creativity that we might not have had before. So, while you might not have their budget or their help, you can certainly take elements from the shows you watch and use them in your own renovation.

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