How To Choose Your Carpet Colour

The choice of carpet colour significantly impacts the overall visual appeal of your room and plays a vital role in its design. The biggest problem when choosing your carpet colour is that you might love the colour when looking at a swatch sample but feel disappointed when that same colour is now used throughout the entire floor. It can also be difficult to imagine how the colour will harmonise with the other elements in the room.

Five tips to help you choose your carpet colour

Choose neutral tones. While bold colours can work in certain rooms that demand a dramatic touch, it’s generally safer to choose a neutral carpet colour. Remember, it’s not just the carpet that defines the room, but also the other elements like walls, furniture, and decor. By opting for a neutral colour, you allow for easier room style changes. Neutral doesn’t have to mean boring either, as earthy tones are currently trending, creating an inviting and relaxed ambience.

Consider your lifestyle. If you have a large family and a couple of dogs who enjoy romping through muddy areas on rainy days, a light-coloured carpet may not be the most practical choice. Reserve lighter, plush carpets for bedrooms and opt for slightly darker and patterned options in high-traffic areas. Keep in mind that it’s not just very light colours that show up dirt, as dark colours tend to show a lot of dust and lint. For areas that get a lot of use, consider colours that are neither too dark or too light.

Reflect on the desired mood. The colour of your carpet can instantly influence the mood of the room. For example, red and orange hues stimulate and add drama, while blues and greens create a sense of relaxation, and dark greys and purples evoke a feeling of luxury. The shade and hue also contribute to the overall impact on the room’s mood, so a light blue will give out a different mood to a dark blue. Choose a colour that aligns with your desired atmosphere.

Account for fading. Keep in mind that carpet colours naturally fade over time. When choosing a colour for your room, consider how it may change as it ages. It’s sometimes better to go for a shade darker or brighter to account for the eventual fade.

Infuse your personality. While neutral colours are often recommended for most rooms due to their versatility, don’t be afraid to showcase your personality and add some vibrancy. While large rooms with heavy foot traffic may benefit from neutral tones, smaller rooms provide an opportunity to incorporate colours that reflect your personal style.

It’s your home, and your style, so whatever you do, do it with confidence. But don’t dive head first into choosing your carpet colour without first considering your lifestyle, the other elements of the room, and the mood you want it to infuse.

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