How To Create A Rustic Bathroom

Although the look has been reimagined several times in recent years, bringing a rustic bathroom to life is often the one room where renovators get stuck. 

When it comes to renovating and interior design, bathrooms have an unfair reputation of being the boring part. In reality, these rooms are one of the key features that ultimately helps a property to sell, aside from the all important kitchen.

Once you’re ready to tackle the tricky space restrictions and have done your research on working with wet areas, designing a bathroom in line with your personal tastes is often easier said than done. Despite this, there is one particular look that’s rapidly gaining traction in design circles: a rustic bathroom. 

Five Tips For Bringing A Rustic Bathroom To Life 

In a traditional sense, rustic style has always meant the presence of plenty of raw, organic elements and influences from nature. It was always about the use of natural materials and their sensual, contrasting textures, such as rough stone, warm wood, soft wool and linen, and even the likes of an old weather beaten wooden bench. 

Compared to traditional rustic style, modern versions are often more pared-back, minimal, and carefully curated while prioritising handmade items with earthy tones. Regardless of whether you prefer the old versus the new, rustic style is all about a design that’s natural, rough, aged, and casual. To bring this vibe to a bathroom, try embracing the following. 

Rustic Bathroom Tiling – Natural tones such as creams and browns are a good option, as well as choosing rustic stone for a worn, lived in look to perfectly pair with the rest of your rustic home decor. Light tiles in intricate shapes create contrast between wooden elements, which is a staple for nailing the rustic look that opposes the standard white we’re all accustomed to.

Incorporate Timber – Elements derived from nature are a core component to include in a rustic bathroom, but working with timber in a wet area can get tricky. Timber look tiles offer a solution for bathroom flooring with waterproofing capabilities, but other options also include exploring timber vanity products designed to make a statement. 

Chase Natural Light – The enemy of a rustic bathroom is a dark environment. Instead, aim to channel as much natural light as possible to showcase the vibe of the room. If this isn’t an easy task, consider adding a skylight, additional window, or even a larger than average mirror to make the bathroom feel bigger than it actually is. 

Use Architectural Features – If you are building or renovating your bathroom and have the chance to expose any architectural features, by all means – go for it. Wooden floorboards, stone walls or exposed beams all spell instant rustic charm, and can easily become the desired focal point to elevate the space. 

Embrace Earthy Tones – The modern rustic colour scheme is guided by the neutral tones of natural materials. Therefore, the palette of a rustic bathroom should be warm and earthy: think beige, rust, chocolate brown, orange and charcoal, finished either chalky or matte. Look for warm paint tones and use warm light globes rather than cool ones as well. 

For homeowners looking to renovate a bathroom on a budget, rustic style is all about old world charm, so don’t be afraid to get a little bit thrifty. Second hand clawfoot bathtubs, preloved taps and faucets, and anything brass, copper or chrome will be your friends in mastering this design, so don’t hesitate to explore online marketplaces and antique stores as a means to bring this look to life. 

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