How To Keep Your White Grout White

After a long day, the last thing you want is to be staring at grimy grouts while trying to unwind in a warm bath. But don’t worry, you don’t have to resort to expensive and time-consuming re-tiling. 

Here are some tips to give your bathroom the facelift it deserves.

Clean correctly

When it comes to cleaning grout, it’s important to tread carefully. Using the wrong products or tools can make things worse, and nobody wants to deal with the headache of replacing tiles. Before you reach for anything too harsh that’s going to cause more damage, start with hot water. You’d be surprised at how effective it can be in removing surface-level stains like dirt and grime.

If hot water doesn’t do the trick, the next step is soap and water. This is a gentle option that won’t damage any of the sealant on your tiles. For best results, use a small brush, sponge, or even a toothbrush to get into the crevices. Avoid using hard brushes or metal tools, as they can cause damage to the grout and loosen the tiles.

If soap and water still aren’t working, it’s time to consider a pH-balanced cleaner. Acidic cleaners can be tempting, but they’ll only cause more harm.

Say goodbye to mould

Mould is a common problem in many households and can cause unsightly stains and even health issues. Luckily, there’s a solution: mould killers. These powerful products can effectively eliminate mould spores and germs in various areas of your home, such as toilets, showers, and laundry surfaces.

To use a mould killer, put on a dust mask and open up your windows for ventilation. Read the instructions carefully to determine if the product needs to be diluted or if it can be used undiluted for tougher stains. Use the product with caution and follow all safety guidelines.

Spray the mould killer onto the affected areas and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, rinse thoroughly with water. Keep in mind that mould killers can be quite potent, so it’s important to wear a mask and gloves.

For heavily stained tiles and grout, repeat the process a few times to achieve optimal results. By using mould killers, you can easily and safely eliminate mould and keep your home looking and feeling clean and healthy.

Use a grout pen

Once you’ve cleaned, leave everything for at least two hours to dry, and then tape up around your designated tiled area using masking tape. This will prevent any unwanted paint from getting on areas you don’t want it to, such as walls, taps, and mirrors.

Now it’s time to bring out your trusty grout pen. These handy tools work just like regular pens and allow you to easily apply a fresh layer of grout to your tiles. Simply apply the pen to the grout lines and watch as it transforms the look of your tiles. The paint dries quickly, typically within thirty minutes, but if you need to apply a second coat, wait at least an hour before doing so.

Clean often

I’m sorry to say but you’re going to have to keep up with the cleaning. A general daily clean, or every few days at least, will save you from a lot of work further down the line, and will keep your bathroom looking great.

Consider using a grout sealer

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