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Six Jaw Dropping Australian Homes

While many of us would need to win the Lotto in order to live in one of these, here are a few of the most luxurious Australian homes around the nation.

While the wealthiest people of Australia are known to favour particular suburbs, such as Point Piper in New South Wales or Toorak in Melbourne, some prefer to hide their palaces away in lesser known regions. Waterfront settings are often a big part of the appeal, but size, provenance, luxury amenities are all among the must-haves for their cashed-up buyers on top of the actual location. 

When referring to the number of bedrooms a large abode should have, experts suggest that there should not be less than six bedrooms. Besides a good number of bedrooms for all the family members – and potential staff members – the dwelling must have several other rooms and features in order to give it a regal touch, such as marinas, tennis courts and yes, even helipads. 

Introducing Our Famous Australian Homes 

Whether you have a few million dollars spare, or perhaps just dream about it, there are certainly some Australian homes that for one reason or another, are more notable than others. Whether it’s their features or their dominance in the headlines, these are some of our country’s most luxurious estates. 

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Villa Del Mare – The grand Point Piper home, once owned by recruiter Julia Ross, was bought by Golden Fast Foods, a holding company ultimately owned by Evergrande Real Estate Group under Xu Jiayin, who is known as and for having strong connections to the Chinese Communist Party and former party premier Wen Jiaobao. As a result, it was forcibly sold in 2015 under Australian foreign ownership laws for a tasty $39 million dollars. 

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The Mandalay Mansion – Nestled on the Whitsunday coast, this three-story and six-bedroom palace has a five-car garage, a huge heated swimming pool, and of course, it’s own private marina and helipad. Once home to Taylor Swift and her entourage at a cool $20,000 per night, it’s now valued anywhere between $19-25 million dollars – a bargain really, when compared to properties of a similar nature located in Sydney and Melbourne. 

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Berthong – Set on dress circle Billyard Avenue, it was known as Macleay House when built in 1886 and acquired by the wealthy music publisher Frank Albert in 1936, who built the residence Boomerang next door – now owned by the family of billionaire trucking magnate Lindsay Fox. Berthong’s previous owners include Russell Crowe and Rupert Murdoch, and is now valued at over $40 million dollars in today’s marketplace. 

Six Jaw Dropping Australian Mansions4Hayven – Tucked away in Noosa’s prestigious waterfront location The Anchorage, Hayven was brought to life by the late businessman Donald Hay and his wife Maribi. It features its own nightclub, a 25 metre pool, a tennis court, and a massive 13 bedroom 12 bathroom layout. The property sprawls along a massive 60 metres of water frontage and has two private jetties, a boat shed and three boat lifts. In architecture circles, it’s been dubbed a ‘modern masterpiece’.

Six Jaw Dropping Australian Mansions6Le Mer – James and Erica Packer initially purchased the property and it’s two neighbouring homes in 2009 and 2010. They subsequently demolished the other two properties in order to craft an extension, significant portions of which lie underground. Billionaire property developer Chau Chak Wing purchased the six storey homes for a whopping $70 million from The Packers in 2015, which at the time was the highest sale price in Australian property history.

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Stonington – Sold by art dealer Rod Menzie in 2018, Victoria’s house price record was smashed with the $52.5 million sale of Malvern’s historic Stonington residence. The eye-watering deal eclipses the state’s previous benchmark of about $40 million, set by 18 St Georges Road in the prestigious suburb of Toorak. The imposing house was home to Victoria’s governors for around thirty years until 1931 before passing into private hands. 

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