The Benefits Of Home Renovation2

The Benefits Of Home Renovation

If you’ve been weighing up whether undertaking a home renovation is right for you or not, then it’s important to understand the potential payoffs first. 

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A recent study conducted in Australia found that a whopping one in three home owners have conducted a renovation this year, with the average bill sitting at $26,000. While their motivation  and end goals may vary significantly, there’s no denying that this trend looks set to stay for the foreseeable future.

 By definition, to renovate is to refresh, reinvigorate or restore. Therefore, the spectrum is huge when it comes to applying this term to property, and can include anything and everything from a fresh coat of paint to a brand new kitchen. While how far you choose to go down the rabbit hole is entirely up to you, understanding the full scope of how completing a home renovation can potentially benefit both you and your property is something that deserves your attention if you’re not quite sold on the idea.

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Five Perks Of Undertaking A Home Renovation 

While popular television shows such as “The Block” have certainly put renovating in the spotlight in recent years, it’s also contributed towards glorifying the task. Undertaking an extensive renovation or commercial construction can be quite the mission, and ensuring that you get it right the first time is crucial if you wish to avoid costly maintenance further down the track. 

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While undertaking a home renovation is not necessarily the right path for everyone, if you have the time, funds and flexibility to do so, the potential payoffs can be lucrative. With proper organisation, research and a clear vision in mind, a home renovation offers a wide range of benefits for both the occupants and the dwelling itself. 

Boost Your Home’s Value – One of the primary appeals linked to undertaking a home renovation is the boost you’re able to give to your property’s overall value. Whether or not you intend on selling in the near or distant future isn’t really relevant, as a home renovation ultimately means more money in your back pocket when the day does eventually arrive. 

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It’s Cheaper Than Buying – When you first start thinking about adding extra rooms or even completely refurbishing major living spaces through a home renovation, it’s inevitable that you might think packing up and buying a new place would be easier. Although tempting, you would still have to deal with a new mortgage, which can be over twenty times the price of a renovation. 

Add Modern Touches – Many of us reside in homes that were constructed a number of decades ago – and it shows. Making the decision to renovate will not only help to bring your home into the modern world, but it also provides the opportunity to make adjustments as a means to help cut down on your outgoings such as heating, cooling and power bills.

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Create Your Dream Home – A home renovation can provide occupants with the chance to craft a space that they had long envisioned as their ‘perfect house’. Whether it’s installing an outdoor swimming pool, adding a home cinema or even applying a shade of paint that you’ve always loved, the process is all that stands between you and your dream abode. 

Maximise Available Space – While undertaking a home renovation can never maximise space with things like doubling the size of your backyard, homeowners can control how the space inside their homes is used. Many people opt to knock down a wall or two as a means to channel open air living, while others restructure rooms to add walk-in wardrobes and offices. 

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While upcycling materials is a great way to keep your cash in your pocket when renovating on a budget, sometimes purchasing new building materials is simply unavoidable. However, make sure that you opt for materials that are best suited to your individual needs and matches in with the overall look and feel of your home. When in doubt, it’s always worth speaking to the professionals – but where do you find them?

Sourcing Home Renovation Help From The Professionals 

While your options for renovating on a budget are almost limitless, selecting the right type of flooring for your home renovation certainly isn’t an easy feat. With each space, comes a different preference or priority: are you chasing style, functionality, or simply want the most bang for your buck?

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In operation for over 25 years, at Tile Wizards we pride ourselves on getting you more – for less. We pioneered the warehouse format, and our stores are purposefully designed to make your selection easier, and ultimately offer our customers quality, price and the right advice. 

While we specialise in options for tiles, carpets, timber and a wide variety of hybrid flooring materials, our services have just expanded even more. For customers who reside locally in Bokarina, Springwood and Para Hills, Tile Wizards have now introduced a range of vanities and tapware products in store, making it easier than ever to start renovating on a budget. 

Even if you are just after some honest and friendly advice – please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Tile Wizards today for a free quote. We’re able to work with you in order to bring your dream flooring solution to life.