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Tile Trends 2021: What’s In For Next Year

With 2021 just around the corner, what are some tile trends and popular materials predicted to be a hit next year?

If you’re about to commence a renovation or purchase some new flooring for your home, office or commercial outfit, then it’s important to balance what looks good with what’s going to provide the best functionality for your space – along with ensuring that it fits in with the budget.

The thing to remember about trends is that while it may seem like a good idea at the time, is it going to go the distance in your home? In particular, tile trends may not suit every abode, but the good news is that there’s certainly an option that suits every occasion.

Tile Trends 2021: Six Options That We’re Going To See Next Year

Pattern Tiles – Whether it’s for a bathroom feature wall or a kitchen backsplash, the intricate details and colours that come with pattern tiles are a great way to breathe life into a room or space – how bright or detailed you wish to go is entirely up to you.

Textured Tiles – Even if you stick with traditional or neutral colour palettes, tiles that feature a texture of any kind are a great way to diversify existing materials in your home. It’s also a relatively easy way to modernise a space without drastic change.

Large Format Tiles – Once only found in public spaces or commercial entities, large format tiles are very much in fashion. Easy to clean with less grout, they have become a hit thanks to their ability to really open a space up when compared to smaller and more traditional tiling options.

White Tiles – Although they were never really “out” of fashion, opting for a seamless white tile for your kitchen or bathroom allows you to get creative with just about every other feature, function or piece of furniture in a room – it’s timeless, and it’s a blank canvas.

Stone and Marble Design Tiles – For a touch of luxury that still looks natural, stone and marble design tiles have been a “go-to” look for many designers for a number of years – they just never seem to go out of style. They also look great with an open plan and glass features in just about any room.

Concrete Tiles – Pseudo-concrete tiles, or ceramic tiles crafted to mimic the original material, have grown in popularity in art deco, minimalism and modern homes. Not only stylish, they are also incredibly hardy and easy to keep clean.

Where To Source Quality Tiles On A Budget

While your options for tile trends are almost limitless, and selecting the right type for your home isn’t an easy feat. With each space, comes a different preference or priority: are you chasing style, functionality, or simply want to stay within the budget?

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