What Is Engineered Oak Flooring 2

What Is Engineered Oak Flooring?

If you’re renovating, your choices for materials are almost limitless – so what is engineered oak flooring, and is it as good as the real thing?

While many of us dream about having authentic hardwood timber floors as a staple in our homes, more often than not they simply just don’t fit into the budget. However, as technology advances, so do the alternatives – and home owners now have many choices when it comes to replicating the look and feel of “real” timber flooring.

What Is Engineered Oak Flooring And How Does It Work?

While there are hundreds of timber varieties available on the market, oak has remained as one of the “go-to” options for quite literally centuries. As a hardwood – you guessed it – it’s extremely hard wearing, and has in turn built up a reputation for its durability and grain density. Also referred to as “European Oak” or “French Oak”, some of it’s more attractive qualities as a timber choice include:

  • With a high density rating making it less prone to damage over time
  • Natural grain variations that can offer a lighter or darker timber, depending on cut and the saw used
  • A naturally high tannin content, making it highly resistant to any potential insect or fungal attacks
  • Unlike some hardwoods it can be accurately drilled, cut, and glued, making it a relatively easy timber to work with

Like all of the modern day synthetic timber options, engineered oak flooring has a top layer of natural hardwood beneath several layers of protective coatings. What this does is give the material the same luxurious look and feel of the solid timber floorboards that many of us dream of adding to our home, without the usual price tag attached. Along with being famously hardy, engineered timber is the perfect solution for high traffic areas such as your kitchen or living room.

The great thing about timber and hardwood is that it has been proven to never really go out of style, so demand for the lookalike engineered timber flooring has stayed strong. There have been slight tweaks over the years though, with demand rising for matte finishes, wider floor planks and of course – engineered European oak flooring. Needless to say that while it’s of course the more budget friendly option for timber flooring – it’s also the more environmentally friendly one too.

Where To Find Engineered Timber Flooring Materials

Your options for engineered timber flooring solutions are almost limitless, and selecting the right type for your home isn’t an easy feat. With each home, comes a different preference or priority: are you chasing style, functionality, or simply want to stay within the budget?

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