what is hybrid flooring and how does it work

What Is Hybrid Flooring And How Does It Work?

Since it’s had a sharp rise in popularity, you may have already heard about it – but what is hybrid flooring, how does it work, and why has it been such a hit?

Multilayer hybrid flooring is soaring in demand, as it combines the very best from a wide range of flooring materials: the waterproofness of vinyl, the scratch resistance of laminate, and a hardwood lookalike finish – without the price tag. So how does hybrid flooring work?

What Is Hybrid Flooring And What Is It Made Of?

Available in a wide range of designs, textures and colours, hybrid flooring solutions are generally all composed of the same four layers pressed together. These include:

Top Layer – A commercial-grade protective coating that gives hybrid floors impact, stain, scratch and UV resistance.

Print Layer – This layer uses advanced printing technology to bring you your desired design. Hybrid floors can easily imitate the look and feel of surfaces such as wood, tile, concrete, and marble.

Core Board – A composite material that allows the floor to feel solid, while withstanding rapid temperature changes. This layer is usually available in two primary types, such as Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) made of limestone, polyvinyl chlorides (PVC) and stabilisers. In comparison, Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) is made of recycled wood and PVC. WPC styles are usually thicker, more comfortable, but fetch a higher cost.

Acoustic Underlay – The vast majority of hybrid floors also have this bottom layer pre-attached, which increases foot comfort, dampens sound, and eliminates the need for any additional underlay.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Hybrid Flooring?

When it comes to sourcing the right materials suitable for your home, it’s quite easy to get swamped for choice – so why should you opt to use hybrid flooring?

100% Waterproof – Spills and accidental moisture absorption happens, so one of the primary attractions of hybrid flooring is that it’s not just water resistant – it’s waterproof, making it a material that’s suitable for any room in the house.

Eco Friendly – As we become increasingly conscious with what we bring into our homes, the good news is that hybrid flooring is one of the most eco friendly solutions on the market, as the core materials used consist of limestone, virgin PVC, bamboo dust and recycled wood.

Durability – Particularly relevant if you share your home with kids or pets, the last thing you want is for your new floor to get easily scratched, damaged or be difficult to clean. With hybrid flooring, the Bona Microfiber cleaning system is ideal, It’s all you need to keep it looking fresh in the long term.

Weather Friendly – Did you know that other flooring materials can shrink or expand in Australia’s harsh and extreme climates? Thankfully, this is not something that required consideration with hybrid options, as these materials are designed to hold their shape.

Less Noise – Although sound is not something we generally consider when selecting a new flooring material, the hollow echo that some emit when being walked on can easily get annoying. With its rigid core technology and attached acoustic foam, hybrid floors are so quiet when in use.

Comfort Is Key – Most of us walk around barefoot at home, so you’re going to want a flooring material that isn’t going to make your feet ache. The rigid core and attached underlayment of hybrid flooring offers further cushioning under the surface, adding that little bit of extra comfort.

Aesthetics – While all of the above points are certainly valid, it’s still got to look good right? Like traditional laminate floors, hybrid options include a print layer – meaning the colours, textures and patterns available are virtually limitless.

Where To Find Hybrid Flooring Solutions?

With each home, comes a different preference or priority: are you chasing style, functionality, or simply want to stay within the budget?

In operation for over 24 years, at Tile Wizards we pride ourselves on getting you more, for less. We pioneered the warehouse format, and our stores are purposefully designed to make your selection easier, and ultimately offer our customers quality, price and the right advice.

So if you are looking to get started with hybrid flooring solutions or even just want some honest and friendly advice – please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Tile Wizards today for a free quote.