What Is Maximalism Interior Design (1)

What Is Maximalism Interior Design?

You’ve heard of the term ‘less is more’ but have you heard of ‘more is more’? That’s what maximalism stands for, and it’s a trend that’s becoming popular. If you’re in the process of renovating, or buying a house, or simply love all things to do with design, this is a term you’re going to come across. Let’s get into the ‘moreness’ of it all.

What is maximalism?

I know what you’re thinking. Maximalism is the opposite of minimalism, but that’s not entirely the case. While it does involve having more, it doesn’t necessarily equate to a lot of stuff. Maximalism is more about boldness. It’s about having lots of colour, having striking prints, and deep textures. It’s about making statements and surrounding ourselves with things that you love and objects that mean a lot to you. There’s nothing tacky about maximalism, it’s about being around things you find useful or beautiful. It’s meant to portray a deep sense of fun and joy.

Is maximalism a new trend?

While minimalism is a term used often, you might be surprised to learn that maximalism is not a new trend. Think back to the way wealthy people have always showcased their wealth and you’ll immediately get a picture of a home that does not want to stay in the shadows. 16th century cabinets are the perfect example of maximalism, cabinets that were used to showcase curiosities for all to see.

Despite its past, maximalism in the current age isn’t about showing off wealth. It’s about creating a space that welcomes confidence and extravagance. People who tend to use maximalism in their interior designs are usually people who want their space to be a reflection on who they are and what they love. These days it’s more about being eclectic and having fun with their designs.

How can you incorporate maximalism into your interior design?

It’s surprisingly difficult to incorporate maximalism into your interior design without it looking garish or too busy. Here are some tips to create the space you want:

  1. Remember to make the look cohesive. You want the room to tell a picture, so every element must make sense, and everything must work together.
  2. Going with different textures is a great idea, but if you want everything to look good together, be consistent with colours. That doesn’t mean you have to make everything the same colour, but make sure the colours complement each other.
  3. Don’t have big open spaces to break up the room. The whole point of maximalism is that you’re incorporating the style into every element of the room.
  4. Do all the elements in the room make you happy? Have you included objects that mean something to you? Is this a room you want to spend time in? These are all important parts of this style of room. It’s a room that’s meant to spark vibrancy and energy, so make sure this is the vibe you’re getting.
  5. Consider wallpapers featuring big and bold patterns to add an element of texture and fun to the room, and then finish the room with accessories and future to match.
  6. Look up maximalism ideas online so that you have a good idea on the sort of feel this interior design style is meant to evoke.

Maximalism is a fun trend that’s meant to bring you joy. It’s definitely not for everyone, but that’s what makes it more unique. Do some research online and see if this is a style that immediately makes you smile. If so, maximalism interior design might just be for you.

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