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When Is The Best Time To Renovate?

If you’ve been umming and ahhing about whether a residential facelift is right for your property, you might also be pondering when is the best time to renovate. 

A recent study showed that seven years ago, Aussies were building the biggest freestanding houses in the world. However, we are also seeing the highest property prices in living memory, so it makes sense that home buyers Down Under have started to embrace smaller houses on smaller lot sizes, apartment living, and essentially purchasing properties that may not be exactly what we had envisioned. 

By definition, to renovate is to refresh, reinvigorate or restore. Therefore, the spectrum is huge when it comes to applying this term to property, and can include anything and everything from a fresh coat of paint to a brand new kitchen. Home owners usually undertake renovations in the hope of increasing the value of their property, or to present the home in question in the best possible light to potential buyers. On the flip side, many homeowners are opting for a renovation as a means of upgrading their existing property instead of selling up and purchasing another that’s more in line with their needs. 

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Before you start ripping out walls, it’s important to factor in the many variables involved with renovating. Sure, you might have a colour palette and budget already in place, but have you even considered when is the best time to renovate?

Getting The Timing Of Your Renovation Right

When it comes to home renovations, getting the ball rolling isn’t always easy. You might have an idea of what your perfect home looks like in your mind, but no idea as to how to get there. When it comes to getting the timing right seasonally, the cooler winter months are great for outdoor renovations. Dry air and the harder ground makes it easier to dig into the earth and set down strong foundations for expanding a property, whereas the humid air of the warmer months makes it more difficult.

Spring and summer are much better suited to indoor renovations, particularly as most homes have fans or air conditioning to make the work all the more easier for those involved. If you get it right, many homeowners who enlist trades and contractors instead of doing it themselves often go away on a short holiday break, before returning home to see that the work is already done. 

However, determining when is the best time to renovate is also linked to factors that don’t involve the weather, with some of the most important and common including the following. 

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When You Have The Funds – Studies show that the average Australian spends $4,750 on holidays, which is equal to 7.6% of the average Australian’s yearly income. With no overseas travel happening, for many of us those funds have been redirected into renovating. However, even if you have the cash or you’re borrowing funds instead, it’s important to have a thorough budget in place for renovating with enough wiggle room for when – not if – things go wrong. 

When You Have The Time – Whether you intend to conquer the renovating process with qualified trades or as a DIY enthusiast, more often than not, it can eat away at your time. It’s not uncommon to face delays with both labour and materials, which only increases if there’s any issues with measurements or scheduling. Without being overly dramatic, expect the renovation process to take up a large portion of your life until it’s finished. 

When You Don’t Have Major Life Events – Changing jobs? Don’t renovate. Getting married? Don’t renovate. Having a baby? Definitely, definitely don’t renovate. While renovating a property can be extremely rewarding and beneficial in the long run, let’s face it – it’s stressful. If you have a major life event coming up, aim not to have these big occasions overlap with a home renovation if you wish to avoid a nervous breakdown from all of the pressure. 

When You’ve Had Your House For A While – While many people purposely buy a ‘fixer upperer’ type property with the intention to renovate it extensively, if you have the opportunity to live in the house for a good few months first, you’ll get a much better feel for what works and what doesn’t. If you intend on staying in the property, this will go a long way with ensuring that the spaces function at their best according to the needs of your family. 

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Renovating a property can give you wonderful lifestyle benefits and ultimately turn a house into a home. If actioned properly from the get go, it will also add considerably to the value of your home but like most things – timing is everything. 

Sourcing The Right Materials To Bring Your Project To Life

While your options for flooring materials are almost limitless, selecting the right type of tile or flooring for your home certainly isn’t an easy feat. With each space, comes a different preference or priority: are you chasing style, functionality, or simply want to stay within the budget?

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