Why Biophilic Design Is On The Rise

Although residential properties often feature a wide variety of styles, incorporating biophilic design is a trend on the rise – but what exactly is it?

From a stroll through a city park to a day spent hiking in the wilderness, exposure to nature has been linked to a host of benefits for us humans, such as improved attention, lower stress, better mood, reduced risk of psychiatric disorders and even upticks in empathy and cooperation. 

However, our access to nature is severely curtailed when compared to what it once was. No longer a species of hunters and gatherers, we’ve built cities, live in high rises, and spend an alarming amount of time in front of screens. While some actively reject this lifestyle, others are using biophilic design to get the best of both worlds and stay connected to the great outdoors. 

Unpacking The Concept Of Biophilic Design

To understand what biophilic design does and does not cover, the secret is in the name. As biophilia quite literally means a love of nature and living things, biophilic design simply aims to use natural resources to create a sense of harmony by fusing modern architecture with the natural world.

If we think about design as the practice of creatively solving the look, feel and function of a structure, then biophilic design is all about turning to nature for solutions. While the concept is slightly more in depth than adding a few houseplants to your living room, common biophilic design elements include skylights, green walls or living walls, and the presence of water, such as fountains or ponds.

In fact, biophilic design was highlighted in the 2022 Pinterest Trend Report, which noted significant spikes in search interest for the term. After two years largely defined by pandemic-driven isolation and anxiety, creating soothing spaces that bolster our health and wellbeing is perhaps more important than ever. 

It’s a buzzword commonly heard throughout the design industry, and experts believe that the concept can have a wide range of mental health benefits that go far beyond lush aesthetics. While having a reasonably large amount of house plants is considered to be the foundation of small-scale biophilic design, homeowners can embrace this new age term in a wide variety of other ways too.

To start, aim to allow as much natural light into your home as possible. We know that sunshine is good for us, so throw open the curtains and let the Vitamin D work its magic. If your home isn’t ideally positioned for natural light, consider painting your walls in lighter tones or using mirrors to encourage the light to bounce around a space. 

Timber floors are also wildly popular for homeowners looking to channel biophilic design. In addition, don’t hesitate to style your home with textures, colors, and shapes that replicate similar items that would normally be found in the great outdoors. Choose materials such as wood, leather, and stone that derive from the outdoors, and opt for muted, organic tones in your color schemes. Incorporating subtle nods to nature in your decor is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to cultivate the calming qualities of biophilic design.

Ultimately, biophilic design in residential homes can be as simple as adding in a few indoor plants, or as grand as redesigning your entire home to incorporate more natural elements with a focus on indoor outdoor living. 

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