why the terrazzo tile look is trending

Why The Terrazzo Tile Look Is Trending

As a material made by exposing marble chips on the surface of concrete and then polishing until smooth, the terrazzo tile look is back and better than ever.

As many homeowners already know, tiles have a well earned reputation as being one of the most durable, dust adverse and easy to maintain flooring materials. Significant developments in technology also means that tiles have never been more versatile, and with a plethora of colours, finishes, shapes, patterns, designs and sizes to choose from. 

Although the evolution of tiles has come a long way since being restricted to kitchens and bathrooms, there is one variety that is experiencing somewhat of a comeback: the terrazzo tile. From walls to flooring and even outdoor areas, a terrazzo tile look is an incredibly effective way for homeowners to play with colour without having to choose an entire block tone – but why exactly are terrazzo tiles so popular right now?

Unpacking The History Of The Terrazzo Tile


Terrazzo, a flooring material that’s been around since the Neolithic era, is back for a 21st century encore. Although not exactly a new style, the terrazzo tile look has experienced somewhat of a resurgence in recent years, arguably thanks to the return of mid-century modern interior design. 

Today, terrazzo is made by pouring a solid layer of concrete or epoxy resin, then pressing or embedding chips of marble, stone, glass or other materials into the surface. After the entire surface is set and dried, the terrazzo is ground down using a heavyweight grinder similar to a floor polisher. After being ground down to level, the terrazzo is polished and sealed.

While terrazzo originates from Italy, it was introduced in the United States in the late 1890s before gaining popularity during the Art Deco Movement of the 1920s, before hitting its peak in the mid-century modern architectural style that started in the 1950s. Architects and designers of this period favoured terrazzo for its monolithic, minimalist look. In the sixties and early seventies, most new homes in the Southeast and Southwest were built with terrazzo tile floors.

Although the look soon faded away in favour of linoleum and shag carpeting, the resurgence of mid-century modern and all things seventies has seen a growing number of homeowners pursue terrazzo tiles to properly pay homage to this form of interior design. 

While authentic, poured terrazzo can be an incredibly expensive undertaking and not often viable for homeowners looking to emulate this era, the good news is that advancements in technology have delivered an alternative: the terrazzo look tile. 

The increasingly popular terrazzo tile is a great way to affordably include terrazzo in your design without the heavy price tag of the real thing. They have a dual function of not only offering a luxury feel but all the while with the functionality of tiles. What’s more is that these types of tiles may feature stones made from recycled glass, marble, quartz or granite to contrast with a mono-coloured base for the additional elements to stand out. 

Aesthetics aside, terrazzo tiles are extremely durable and are considered to be more resistant than other tile materials, so they are ideal to use as flooring in high traffic areas. Despite the potential benefits, not all terrazzo is made equal. Cheap and laxly produced terrazzo can result in brittleness, porosity and discolouration, so be sure to shop around and consult a highly rated professional before you shell out for these types of materials. 

As a happy medium between the real thing and a replicant product, digitally printed terrazzo look porcelain tiles offer the same look and feel of real terrazzo, without the astronomical price tag. What’s more, is that porcelain tiles are hard wearing and perfect for all areas of the home from main living areas, outdoors and bathroom spaces. Glazed porcelain tiles are easy to clean, and don’t harbour bacteria like porous surfaces that require sealing and ongoing maintenance.

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