A Guide To Kitchen Benchtop Materials2

A Guide To Kitchen Benchtop Materials

Your choice of kitchen benchtop material can have an enormous influence over the heart of your home, so what factors should you consider before going shopping?

It’s no secret that kitchens are often one of the biggest influences on the final sale figure of a property, so as a result, renovations or refits in this area of the home is often the source of a budget blowout. Even if you’re not on the move or interested in selling anytime soon, the kitchen has long been considered as the heart of any home, so designing a new one or giving parts of it an upgrade requires careful research, with one such example being the selection of a new kitchen benchtop. 

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A kitchen benchtop – or otherwise just known as the kitchen bench in Australian lingo – is the firm, flat, horizontal surface of a counter. The term usually applies for work in kitchens or other food preparation areas, but benchtops can also be used in bathrooms and outdoor areas. They’re often overlooked, forgotten about or undervalued when homeowners are in the process of planning a renovation, but the humble kitchen benchtop plays a much bigger role than most people think. 

Five Popular Kitchen Benchtop Materials 

Not only do benchtops have a big impact on the overall look, it’s also the hardest working surface in your kitchen, so durability is usually regarded as the biggest factor. It’s a surface that you’re going to be seeing a lot of, so style also counts.

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However, the price tag attached to luxury kitchen benchtop materials such as quartz or marble tends to give most shoppers a swift reality check. Thankfully, the good news is that there’s a wide range of alternatives and substitutes that look eerily similar, but at a fraction of the cost. As such, if you’re in the market for a new kitchen benchtop, the below are considered to be the most common options to choose from. 

Laminate – Laminate is made from layers of paper over chipboard, ply or MDF, coated in a clear layer of melamine. Available in an enormous variety of styles, it’s often designed to replicate the look of an organic material. As a kitchen benchtop, it’s certainly the most budget friendly choice and options have come a long way in recent years thanks to developments in technology. 

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Timber – There’s something special about the warmth that a timber kitchen benchtop brings to the space, and has a wide range of tones and shades to choose from. While timber is prone to scratches and scorch marks, home owners can quite easily repair any damage by sanding back the surface and refinishing with oil or polyurethane. 

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Engineered Stone – With a variety of styles, including flat colours, natural-like stones and other more artistic finishes now available, engineered stone offers a more affordable alternative for homeowners when compared to natural stone kitchen benchtop materials. While very difficult to scratch, engineered stone can be prone to chipping, but it also doesn’t require sealing either. 

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Solid Surface – Solid surface kitchen benchtop materials are made from an acrylic resin with a filler of alumina. The primary appeal of a solid surface bench is that joints are virtually invisible, so it’s renowned for looking seamless, clean and as if the bench was one big slab. However, it can get pricey if you start experimenting with custom colours that are classed as a special order.

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Granite – Although granite sits at the higher end of the kitchen benchtop materials pricing scale, there is a perceived value of using this form of natural stone. No two slabs are alike so every piece is unique and aesthetically pleasing, and it  can transform your design project into a work of art. While expensive, it’s considered to be highly durable. 

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If you’re in the throes of a kitchen renovation or are debating one, there usually comes a point where you need to start shopping for building materials. Whether it’s advice on kitchen benchtop materials, to add in a new splashback or not, or even what flooring options are on offer to you, the good news is that your local Tile Wizards outlet offers a solution. 

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While your options for carpet, timber and tiles are almost limitless, selecting the right type for your home certainly isn’t an easy feat. With each space, comes a different preference or priority: are you chasing style, functionality, or simply want to stay within the budget?

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