Six Bathroom Design Trends To Watch2

Six Bathroom Design Trends To Watch

In the world of interiors, a new year often means a whole new batch of trends to keep an eye on – so what’s set to be hot when it comes to bathroom design?

Regardless of whether you share your home with children, a spouse, or even a motley crew of housemates, the bathroom is one of the few places we can all ideally retreat to for a minute of privacy. While there’s no doubt that some of us daydream about being the proud owner of a claw foot bath, having a twin basin or even a mini bar in the bathroom, the reality is that many of us don’t have the resources to accommodate every item on our bathroom design wish lists.

Alongside kitchens, bathrooms are ultimately what sell homes. However, luxury and appeal isn’t always defined by budget or space. For many people, the idea of undertaking a bathroom renovation might just be as a means to modernise the room that arguably gets the least amount of attention, while for others it’s more so about finally having room to add a bathtub.

Even if you aren’t considering a property sale anytime soon, a new and dreamy bathroom design can still be a place for you to retreat after a long day – after all, this room is arguably where we spend the most time by ourselves. However, if a facelift for this area of your home is on the cards and you’re stuck for ideas, then it’s always worth paying special attention to the bathroom trends that are predicted to be en vogue this year. 

Six Bathroom Trends Predicted For 2022 

If you’re lacking inspiration for bathroom ideas, it’s always worth turning to the professionals for some insight. While some trends come and go, others have the potential to capture a moment in time and even span decades when it comes to remaining in favour. As such, if your home’s washroom is in dire need of a facelift, here are a few of our key bathroom trends to watch as we make our way through a new year. 

Go Coastal – As a nation of beach lovers, it’s easy to understand this look’s popularity. The fresh, airy palette of white-washed linens, natural textures, ocean inspired blues and freshly painted white timber finishes work beautifully in most Australian homes, and coastal bathroom design doesn’t ‘date’ as dramatically as other interior trends. 

Shower Benches – Who doesn’t love a good sit down in the shower? Popularised by the latest series of “The Block”, inbuilt shower benches and steps are great if you want to shave your legs, or store lotions and potions, or even just to take a minute to yourself after a big day. Not all bathrooms have space for this addition, but if you do – they’re worth considering. 

More Natural Light – Once thought of as a daggy and dated inclusion, skylights are currently experiencing somewhat of a renaissance in the world of interior design, even when it comes to bathroom trends. As this room is traditionally not the most well lit, many homeowners are harnessing the power of the sun by adding more methods to encourage its presence. 

Stone Look Tiles – Brick inspired tiles can bring a sense of warmth to a space that’s usually white on white, and looks great when paired with greenery. An interlocked stacked stone tile can replicate the real thing or even brick, so get creative with your “vibe” and use them to channel a Mediterranean theme or simply aim to bring the outdoors in. 

Retro Is Back – For those who prefer a vintage look and feel to their abodes, bringing a retro bathroom to life is all about vintage plumbing fixtures, classic patterned tiles, throwback colour schemes or nostalgic accessories. It’s not uncommon to see brightly coloured armchairs and house plants in larger bathrooms for homeowners who prefer to throwback to this era. 

Spa Aesthetics – Considering how many of us have been cooped up at home in recent years, it’s no surprises that “oasis” style bathroom design is very much on trend. If you’re looking to bring the day spa home with you, turn your attention towards upgrading your shower head, investing in quality linen, using more natural materials and going hard on the greenery. 

If you’re in the throes of debuting a new bathroom design or are perhaps debating one, there usually comes a point where you need to start shopping for building materials. Mistakes can be costly in this space, so it’s important to get things right from the start. Whether it’s advice on the perfect type of tile, options for showerheads or even what flooring solutions are on offer to you, the good news is that a visit to your local Tile Wizards outlet provides all the answers and more.  

Talk Tiles With The Professionals  

While your options for carpet, timber and tiles are almost limitless, selecting the right type for your home certainly isn’t an easy feat. With each space, comes a different preference or priority: are you chasing style, functionality, or simply want to stay within the budget?

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