Bedroom Carpet vs Bedroom Tiles

While it’s not uncommon for homeowners to come unstuck between bedroom carpet vs bedroom tiles, what are the key factors that should influence a decision? 

Regardless of whether you are building a brand new home from scratch or renovating an existing dwelling, in most cases the big ticket items are the kitchen and the bathroom. As such, they usually absorb most of your time, attention and money – but what about the bedrooms?

Like it or not, your choice of bedroom flooring can have an enormous impact on the overall look and feel of these places of respite. The best carpet for bedrooms can be a comfortable reward after a hard day, while bedroom tiles can infuse a modern look while still being built to last. 

While there’s a huge variety of bedroom flooring designed to meet any style preference, how do homeowners make a choice between bedroom tiles and bedroom carpet – and what are their key points of difference?

Comparing Bedroom Tiles And Bedroom Carpet

Carpet is used for a variety of purposes, including insulating a person’s feet from a cold tile or concrete floor, making a room more comfortable as a place to sit on the floor, reducing sound or echos from walking on the surface, and adding decoration or colour to a room. As such, it’s long been regarded as the material to opt for if you’re chasing a warmer or more ‘homey’ feel from your choice of bedroom flooring. 

In contrast, tiles have a well earned reputation as being one of the most durable, dust adverse and easy to maintain flooring materials. Significant developments in technology also means that tiles have never been more versatile, and with a plethora of colours, finishes, shapes, patterns, designs and sizes to choose from, tiles have evolved from being restricted to main floors and bathrooms to a new age form of flooring where tiles flow throughout the home. 

When weighing up whether carpet or tiles is the better choice for bedroom flooring, determining the right option will boil down to a handful of factors aside from your personal taste. 

Budget – While both carpet and tiles have similar price ranges for the materials themselves, the labour costs linked to their installation can differ. As the process is much more tedious and requires more equipment, the price for bedroom tiles as a flooring material can overtake opting for carpet. Of course, the final price also depends on your choice of materials as well. 

Maintenance – Fixing sun damaged carpet is generally a lot easier if you aim to minimise the effects in the first place, but sometimes it’s also unavoidable. In addition, heavy foot traffic can also damage sections of carpet, and it can be tricky to replace. In contrast, tiles are renowned for their durability, easy replacement options, and can last for as long as fifty years. 

Room Size – Is your bedroom a little on the smaller side? The right type of flooring can easily make a smaller than average bedroom feel much bigger than it actually is, and it’s often to do with going for lighter colours. Thankfully, both bedroom carpet and bedroom tiles provide options for these, and the choice usually boils down to personal preference.

In addition to tiles and carpet, homeowners also have other options to consider for bedroom flooring. Renovators on a budget may find that installing their own flooring can be an incredibly effective way to save on labour costs, so options like laminate floating flooring and engineered timber flooring are also worthy of your consideration for those who prefer a wooden floor bedroom. 

If you’re in the throes of giving your home a facelift or are perhaps debating doing so, there usually comes a point where you need to start shopping for building and design materials. Mistakes can be costly in this space, so it’s important to get things right from the start and do your research on what types of materials are going to match up with your end goal. 

Whether it’s advice on the perfect type of tile, options for showerheads or even what flooring solutions best fit your lifestyle, the good news is that a visit to your local Tile Wizards outlet can provide all the answers and more. 

Chat Bedroom Flooring Options With The Professionals

While your options for renovating on a budget are almost limitless, selecting the right type of flooring for your home renovation certainly isn’t an easy feat. With each space, comes a different preference or priority: are you chasing style, functionality, or simply want the most bang for your buck?

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