DIY Tiling Vs. Using A Tiler – How To Decide

Should you use a professional tiler or try it yourself? If there’s a tiling job that needs to be done in your house, you might be wondering if this is something you could do yourself or if it’s better left to someone with qualifications. As with any home renovation project, a lot is riding on this question and you don’t want to get it wrong. When it comes to tiling, you need to consider a few things before making your decision.

How much time do you have?

If you’re not experienced with tiling, expect the process to take a bit longer compared to hiring a professional. Your initial steps will likely involve research, watching tutorials, and ensuring you have all the necessary materials before diving into the project. Taking the do-it-yourself approach means you’ll need to carefully consider each step to achieve a flawless result. If time is of the essence, opting for a professional might be a more efficient choice. However, if you’re comfortable with a more relaxed timeline, tackling the project yourself is fine – and the satisfaction of showcasing your well-executed finished product will be worth the investment.

How handy are you?

Are you someone who enjoys taking on household projects independently? If you’re accustomed to handling a lot of DIY tasks already, then tiling yourself shouldn’t pose too much of a challenge. However, if you typically require assistance with most handy work, it might be wise to enlist the expertise of a professional who can ensure the job is done correctly from the start. The last thing you want is a poorly executed tile job that will end up costing you more to fix later. Nevertheless, in the realm of DIY projects, tiling isn’t overly difficult and can be an enjoyable project for those who are already quite adept at handling such tasks.

Do you have the funds?

Unless you have a genuine passion for tackling projects, there’s another motivation behind choosing the DIY route: saving money. Hiring a professional to install your tiles involves expenses not only for materials but also for labour. If you’re confident in your ability to handle the task yourself, there’s nothing wrong with opting for the cost-saving DIY approach. However, if uncertainty looms and you fear potential mishaps, attempting to rectify mistakes could lead to additional expenses down the road. Therefore, careful consideration of your skills and comfort level is essential before deciding. There’s nothing wrong with asking someone for help if you cannot do it yourself. There’s no point in saving money if you know you can’t do the job justice.

If you decide to go the professional route, make sure you do your research on the tiling company to make sure you get someone who will do the job correctly. On the other hand, if DIY tiling is your preference, embark on the project with a patient mindset. Invest time in comprehensive research, explore various tutorials, and methodically approach each step.

Another great idea is to double up! See what you can do yourself, and then call a professional to help with the rest!

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