How Much Does It Cost To Renovate In Adelaide?

Renovating in Adelaide can quickly add up in costs. No matter your initial plans, it’s tough to figure out the exact expenses until you sit down and create a budget. Without one, you might end up spending more than you hoped. What influences these costs, and what should you consider before starting? We’ve gathered some simple tips to help you better calculate the overall cost of renovating your home in Adelaide.

Tip #1: What’s important to you?

Stay focused on your own priorities amidst the flurry of what others are doing. Recognise that what holds significance for you may not hold the same weight for someone else. Determine your top priorities initially, ensuring they take precedence on your renovation agenda. While some may prioritise tile renovations, others may lean towards upgrading cabinets. There’s no definitive right or wrong approach to renovation, but it’s crucial to elevate your most valued ideals to the forefront. Seek out money-saving strategies in other aspects and decide what truly matters to you.

Tip #2: Look for ways to save money

Having identified the key element of your renovation, it’s now time to explore avenues for cost savings in other areas. With a bit of effort, there are always ways to trim expenses. It goes beyond merely seeking items on sale; it involves opting for alternative materials, conducting thorough research, identifying tasks you can handle yourself, and making clever design choices. The goal is to be resourceful and strategic in your approach to maximise savings.

Tip #3: Always have a buffer

Even if you work out every single element of your Adelaide renovation in a detailed spreadsheet, you might still come across unforeseen costs that you hadn’t accounted for. Mishaps can occur, previously discounted products may revert to regular prices, or you might opt to alter your renovation plans midway through the process. It happens more than you realise. Work out the costs for your renovation, and then make sure you have some more in case you need.

Pinpointing an exact cost for an Adelaide renovation is tricky as each project is unique. Full house renovations can range from $100,000 to $300,000 or more, and smaller projects depend on the specific area and tasks involved. While renovation costs can add up quickly, staying organised and planning thoroughly can make it all worthwhile in the end.

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