Five DIY Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

As the temperature drops, so too does our desire to get outside and make the most of our gardens – unless you have an outdoor fireplace. 

Although winter in Australia is usually regarded as relatively mild when compared to what our friends in the northern hemisphere face, the three month period starting in June can still dramatically lower temperatures. For some, it means busting out the one pair of jeans they own, while for others, it can resemble the arrival of snow and sleet. 

Once winter hits, it usually signals a retreat indoors. With many parts of the nation now shivering through the first cold snap of the season, busting the heaters out of storage and beginning the months-long process of feeling guilty every time it’s switched on are usually synonymous. 

However, having an outdoor fireplace at your disposal can not only reduce heating costs by getting you back outside, but it can also serve as a great place to entertain guests – even during the coldest months of the year. 

How To Build Your Own Outdoor Fireplace 

As many homeowners already know, having an outdoor fireplace will almost inevitably extend the amount of time you spend outside. Not only will a fire generate warmth to keep the winter chills away, but it can also serve as a great place to entertain friends, family and visitors during the coldest time of the year.

If toasting marshmallows by the fire is your idea of a good time, then the good news is that making your own outdoor fireplace can be an extremely affordable home renovation project. If you’re on the hunt for some inspiration, here’s five easy ways to make your own outdoor fireplace. 

Upcycled Tyre Rim – An outdoor fire pit made from an old tyre rim is one of the easiest and safest ways to make your own fireplace. While car tyres can do the job just fine, try to source a bigger format such as a tyre from a tractor or truck. Once you’ve found your winner, all you need to do is have the centre of the rim removed, so that the outer circle of metal remains. 

Cast Iron Bowls – For those looking to minimise the actual work involved with making your own fire pit, opting for a cast iron bowl is an easy way to avoid any assembling. While there’s plenty for sale at hardware stores and larger retail outlets, homeowners have a good chance at finding a bargain at garage sales, clearance sales, car boot sales and even on eBay. 

Go Square With Concrete – If building blocks aren’t so much your style, then you can keep things simple with a concrete fire pit. Build your forms, mix, and pour for a stunning square fireplace, but just make sure that you include another material between the concrete and the fire, such as an old washing machine drum. 

Brick Pits – Bricks are a relatively cheap building material for building your own outdoor fireplace, and it’s not uncommon for many homeowners to even have a few spare lying around their yard anyway. With a little sand, cement and a measuring tape, they can easily be assembled into a circular pit that’s safe to use on those cold winter nights. 

Big Feature Pits – For homeowners looking to build an outdoor fireplace that is sure to wow any visitor, consider building a bigger, standalone feature that almost looks like a feature oven. While these can be constructed from concrete and bricks, another way to make them slightly more stylish is to add an exterior layer of interlocking stone tiles

Once you’ve assembled your very own outdoor fireplace, it’s important to always prioritise safety. Before sparking up, always check your local council regulations, any potential fire bans, and the weather conditions linked to wind. 

In addition, don’t wear flammable clothing like nylon anywhere near your firepit, and try to keep curious children and pets at least three feet away from the fire. Avoid using softwoods like pine or cedar as they can pop and throw sparks, and always keep a fire extinguisher, garden hose or bucket of water nearby.

While upcycling materials is a great way to keep your cash in your pocket if you’re renovating as a beginner on a budget, sometimes purchasing new building materials is simply unavoidable. However, make sure that you opt for products that are best suited to your individual needs and matches in with the overall look and feel of your home. When in doubt, it’s always worth speaking to the professionals – but where do you find them?

Chat Home Reno Ideas With The Professionals 

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