Five Sustainable Renovation Ideas

If you’re on the hunt for renovation ideas that will improve the sustainability of your home, then the good news is that there’s plenty of ways to get started. 

In the wake of the latest election result, climate change has been dominating the headlines – and for good reason. With a record number of Independents and Greens entering parliament, it’s become all too clear that many Australians are demanding greater action on our nation’s efforts on combating global warming. 

With Labor now back in power for the first time since 2013, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and his front bench team have pledged to create, cut power bills and reduce emissions by boosting Australia’s renewable and green energy output. 

Despite this, many Australians have already been doing their bit and more, and have been taking conscious steps towards factoring in sustainability to their home renovation ideas and projects. 

How To Make Your Home More Sustainable 

On a global scale, it’s no secret that we’ve collectively become aware of our impact on the earth. We’re ditching plastic straws, chemical based gardening aids, and even using our cars less. Naturally, it would then make sense for us to turn our attention to our homes. 

In all fairness, you’ve most likely already made a start on improving your home’s sustainability without realising – think about things like composting, solar panels and even catching more rainwater. 

In simple terms, environmental sustainability is classed as meeting our own needs without compromising the planet. The general concept is to not inflict any further damage to the earth than what we’ve already managed to do. 

On the home front, Australians have been making an effort to minimise the impact their dwellings have on the earth for quite some time now. While that doesn’t necessarily translate as living in an off grid cabin in the woods, there are plenty of renovation ideas to consider that are putting sustainability first.

Ethical Materials – Organic options like wood, wool and natural stone seem to be the obvious choice, but it’s also important to think about where our building and design materials actually come from. It’s become a lot easier to identify the origin of our materials, which can help to determine fair pay, are recycled, or if they were extracted with minimal environmental impact. 

Install Solar Power – This is a big one, and many Australians have already jumped on the bandwagon purely for the economical benefits for lower bills and rebates. Not only do solar panels have the potential to eliminate long term expenses, but they’re also a straightforward way for any homeowner to do their part in reducing our reliance on non-renewable energy. 

Proper Insulation – While not every Aussie is in the financial position to fork out for new solar panels, the next best thing is to properly insulate a home as a means to reduce heating and cooling costs. While there are many different insulation products to choose from, homeowners also have more options when it comes to selecting materials that are sustainably sourced.

Energy Efficient Appliances – Aside from the electrical additions to your home, energy efficiency can be boosted by sealing up any air leaks, cleaning your air conditioner, and even the collection of rainwater for your garden. For those on the hunt for renovation ideas and inspo, be sure to factor efficient appliances into your next project. 

Go Chemical Free – Many paints, composite wood, glues, carpets and many other products can contain high levels of toxic chemicals, such as formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene.These are slowly released and contribute to ‘Sick Building Syndrome’, which can have a wide range of negative health impacts. As such, be sure to read the labels. 

While upcycling materials is a great way to keep your cash in your pocket and do your bit to ensure your renovation has a lower environmental impact, sometimes purchasing new building materials is simply unavoidable. 

To make sure that you opt for products that are best suited to your individual needs and matches in with the overall look and feel of your home, it’s always worth speaking to the professionals – but where do you find them?

Chat Home Renovation Ideas With The Professionals 

While your options for renovating on a budget are almost limitless, selecting the right type of flooring for your home renovation certainly isn’t an easy feat. With each space, comes a different preference or priority: are you chasing style, functionality, or simply want the most bang for your buck?

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