five kitchen designs trends for 2022

Five Kitchen Design Trends For 2022

If you’re exploring your options for a new kitchen design, it might be worth paying attention to the styles predicted to be on trend as we head into 2022. 

This year alone, a whopping one in three Australians renovated their homes with an average spend of $26,000 per project. Considering that the kitchen is often sighted by prospective buyers as the room they place the most value on, it’s a safe bet that many people have opted to give their current kitchen design a refresh, or a full scale overhaul.

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While there will always be a few timeless and classic designs that many of us default to, more homeowners than ever are opting to mix the old with the new. As such, if giving the heart of your home a facelift is on your to do list in the upcoming year, then it’s worth paying attention to what kitchen designs are forecasted to be en vogue. 

The Kitchen Design Trends In Favour For Next Year

Needless to say, the way that we work, entertain, relax and even cook in our homes has changed significantly over the last two years, and how we expect the spaces of our homes to look and function is also a lot different to bygone eras. For one, a home’s kitchen is no longer a place restricted to meal preparation – it’s the place for a quick family meeting, shared meals and even a workspace. As such, it should come as no surprise that favoured kitchen design trends are reflective of this. 

2022 trends for kitchen designs

Engineered Timber Flooring – While many homeowners love the look and feel of natural timber, they’re usually not big fans of the price tag or the toll that harvesting it takes on the environment. As a happy alternative, more people are turning to engineered timber flooring as a solution to have the best of both worlds, particularly to make a kitchen feel ‘homey’. 

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Colourful Cabinetry – Gone are the days of sticking to black, white or grey for a kitchen colour palette. While warmer tones are considered to be ‘in’ when it comes to kitchen design trends, adding a splash of colour to your cabinetry is a great way to breathe life into this room, with navy blues and deep olive greens being particularly in fashion. 

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Glazed Tile Splashbacks – While having a kitchen splashback isn’t exactly a new trend, the forecast is that there will be a shift away from matt finishes in favour towards the gloss and shine of glazed tiles. Not only are they super easy to clean and come in a wide variety of colours, but glazed tiles also reflect light to make the kitchen feel bigger. 

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Country Kitchens – While minimalism and contemporary design has been on trend for quite a while now, many of us seem to be craving the comfort and sense of home that farmhouse and country style kitchens provide. These designs are characterised by natural textures like wood paired with tones of white, open plan shelving and a throwback to simpler times. 

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Multi Purpose Spaces – The need for a flexible and functional workstation is something that has been in demand for many of us, and the kitchen is no exception. As such, breakfast bars are on the rise for somewhere to have a quick meal, oversee homework from, and even to work or study from in the event that the home office is occupied.

2022 kitchen design trends
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