How To Pair Indoor Plants With White Interiors2

How To Pair Indoor Plants With White Interiors

While indoor plants are certainly having their moment in the spotlight, many people are unaware of the impact that they can have on a home’s interior design.

From countertops, cabinetry, moulding, hardware, splashbacks, appliances and everything in between, according to a recent survey conducted by Houzz, white still holds the top spot as the colour of choice at 41%. A brief look at interior design history would suggest that while white was a colour long associated with hygiene, sanitation and health, it’s appeal has endured – dirt simply has nowhere to hide. 

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As a result, it’s often deemed to be the ‘safe’ choice for many renovators and builders when either crafting a new kitchen, or replacing an old one. As a colour, not only does white provide a blank canvas, but it’s also the go-to for those looking to make a space feel larger, lighter and brighter than it actually is. However, many homeowners have simply no idea what to pair with white interior design palettes but thankfully, the current trend linked to indoor plants offers a solution. 

Five Tips On Pairing Indoor Plants With White Palettes 

If you’re looking to jump on the indoor plant bandwagon but are wondering how your new additions will match the existing look and feel of your home, you’re certainly not alone. Styling indoor plants can be tricky business for the uninitiated, particularly for those working with a fairly basic or clean colour palette. Thankfully, pairing the greens of indoor plants with the whites of tiles, walls, and flooring isn’t all that difficult if you follow a few basic principles. 

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Diversity Is Key – If you’re on a mission to start collecting indoor plants but aren’t sure what varieties are the best fit, aim to purchase plants that have varying textures, colours, and growth structures. Collecting too many indoor plants of the same species can easily undo the wild and ‘thrown together’ appeal of keeping them in your house in the first place. 

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Size Matters – While large plants and trees are great for bare corners and awkward transitions between furniture, take care that your statement flora piece doesn’t overtake the entire room. White interiors are supposed to make a room feel bigger, so make sure any larger plants have smaller varieties nearby to take the focus off them. 

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Go Natural – If you’ve opted to use indoor plants as a design to compliment your white walls or floors, there needs to be a third tone to compliment them and complete the look. As such, aim to use natural furnishings and tones like earthy browns. Thankfully, that can mean anything from a brown leather couch to rattan baskets for your new leafy friends. 

indoor plants with white interiors

Stagger Heights – To avoid your indoor plants looking like a last minute addition to your home’s design, try to experiment with where they are positioned and get a few off the floor if you can. Depending on the nature of your home, options include hanging baskets, bookcases, plant stands, and even scattering them throughout the house in places like the bathroom.

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Don’t Forget Pots – Your choice of pots can either compliment your new leafy friends, or take the attention away from them. Try to stick with at least one tone or palette, such as terracotta or greys. While they don’t all need to match or be exact replicas of each other, try to keep some form of a unified look if your plant collection is on the larger side. 

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