House Styles in Adelaide

Adelaide is known as ‘the city of churches’ because of the significance it has placed on cultural sites and architectural value. When it comes to house styles in Adelaide, there are a lot of different types based on location and budget, but it’s clear that there are some patterns that emerge throughout.

House styles in Adelaide through the ages

When you look back in history it is clear that classical architecture was used for people’s homes, whereas Gothic architecture was for religious buildings. The message was clear – they wanted the religious buildings to stand out in an imposing form. But all that changed when a self-made Australian society was born, free from traditional constraints, and soon many were choosing a Gothic style for their homes, a bold statement in a new world.

But Gothic wasn’t the only style that people enjoyed, and Edwardian architecture with Australian themes became a popular design. This used geometric designs, red brick exteriors, elaborate wood decoration, and tall chimneys.

In the late 1930s, a wave of stylish contemporary houses emerged, showcasing the captivating Streamline Moderne architecture. These avant-garde homes often drew intriguing parallels with majestic ocean liners, as their walls, windows, and balconies gracefully flowed around corners, exuding an undeniable sense of fluidity and movement.

As time went on and the 1940s ushered in the post-war era, this distinct architectural style became deeply ingrained in the fabric of suburban neighbourhoods. Its influence spread far and wide, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of residential design.

In general, Adelaide’s architecture spans six styles: Old Colonial (pre-1840), Victorian (1840-1890), Federation (1890-1915), Interwar, Postwar, and Late Twentieth Century (1960 onwards).

What about the Adelaide houses of today?

Adelaide is such a beautiful city, rich with houses steeped in history. While you’ll see more contemporary homes being built, it’s obvious that most houses have a mix of styles from their colourful architectural history. These days homes are designed and influenced with several historical and contemporary styles in mind.

Adelaide homes have a distinctive history, and just by looking at the design, you will get an idea of the era it was either built in or modelled after – or perhaps a little mix of a few. The houses themselves play a big part in keeping the history alive. When it comes to history, there’s nothing more iconic than Adelaide’s town hall. Built in 1866, the building stands as a proud landmark of the city.

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