How shower grates revolutionised bathroom design 1

How Shower Grates Revolutionised Bathroom Design

Every once and a while a new product or method or design will make its way into the world of renovation and construction and shake everything up. This is exactly what shower grates did for bathrooms, showers, and ensuites. This design revolutionised the look and feel of so many different homes and commercial places. And lauxes and their grates were at the forefront of a lot of them. 

Design Before The Introduction Of Shower Grates

Bathroom, ensuite, and shower designs were so much more limited before brands like lauxes with their shower grates came to change the game. 

The change came in the way that designers followed building laws and regulations. All showers and bathrooms in Australia must follow drainage and waterproofing regulations for safety. In the past to achieve this people would slope the tiles in their showers and their bathrooms towards a drainage area that was about the size of your palm. To do this you were limited to only using small tiles, to ensure that your slope was able to move water into the drain.

Since so many people were using small tiles, it limited the ways they thought they could design their bathrooms. However, this all changed once shower grates were introduced into mainstream renovations and became one of the nicest bathroom trends to keep an eye on.

How Shower Grates Are Revolutionising The World Of Design

Shower grates revolutionised the way that people approached drainage and waterproofing. While you still need to ensure that your showers and bathrooms are compliant with all building standards and regulations, people saw that there was no reason why you couldn’t just slope large tiles to a well-placed and sleek-looking grate, instead of the traditional method of sloping smaller tiles to a centre drain. 

This new way of doing things opened up a whole new world to the ways that you could create the perfect shower and bathroom. By following the do’s and don’ts of ensuite design and adding one of these grates you could be well on your way to having a dream ensuite.

The Benefits

We think that the biggest benefit to thinking about getting one of these grates for your next renovation is that it opens up so many new and fantastic possibilities for you. 

Open Showers – With this type of drain you can have showers that are far more open and have shower glass surrounding you.

No More Stepping Up – No more are the days of stepping up into your shower, or needing to shower in a bathtub with these grates.

Less Grout – Since the tiles are bigger there is less grout. This means you can appreciate the look of the tiles more and will have an easier time cleaning.

Grate Designs – there are so many great grate designs you can choose from including floral, curve, and pure.


If you are thinking about an upgrade, we offer a lot of great products from lauxes and would love to hear your renovation ideas and help you out wherever we can.

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