How To Clean Hybrid Floors At Home

Famed for their affordability and longevity, learning how to clean hybrid floors is a must if you want to reap the benefits – so what does the process involve? 

What if we told you that there was a way to combine the waterproofing benefits of vinyl, the scratch resistance of laminate, and a hardwood lookalike finish – all without breaking the bank? As thousands of Australian homeowners already know, it’s for the above reasons that hybrid flooring solutions have rapidly become the go-to choice for those who want each of the above perks conveniently rolled into one product. 

Available in a wide range of designs, textures and colours, hybrid flooring is generally all composed of the same four layers pressed together. Consisting of a top layer, a print layer, a core board plus an acoustic underlay, the famed durability of hybrid flooring often boils down to one thing: your ability to clean and maintain one. 

The Basics Of Learning How To Clean Hybrid Floors 

Much like any other flooring, preventing any potential damage to your hybrid floor can be done via strategic placement of rugs, sun blocking curtains, entry mats and felt pads on furniture legs can go a long way when it comes to minimising any damage to the floor’s surface. 

Like any investment, the quality of your hybrid flooring will need a little help along the way if you want them to go the distance. What’s more is that a semi-regular schedule will help prevent any dirt or grime building up, making life much easier for both you and your floors. 

When understanding the basics of how to clean hybrid floors, it’s important to understand what type of material you’re working with. The core board of all hybrid flooring products will generally come in one of two types: SPC (stone plastic composite) or WPC (wood plastic composite). While both are incredibly tough, the latter is considered to be softer underfoot and therefore slightly less abrasion resistant, meaning that homeowners need to be careful with heavy furniture.  

Like all surfaces, hybrid floors require vacuuming or sweeping, but this is particularly important for timber to stop dust and dirt building up on the top layer of the flooring and damaging its integrity. While some households can get away with doing this once a week, homes that include lots of foot traffic, pets or kids will usually require a more intensive cleaning schedule. 

If you prefer vacuuming over sweeping, it’s important not to use a vacuum setting with a carpet beater bar. These nozzles are designed to spin and agitate carpet to loosen dust particles, but the bristles have the potential to significantly scratch hybrid. For the best of both worlds, robot style vacuums are a great alternative to combat this.

In addition, a well thought out mopping strategy is also a must. Overly wet mops or steam mops can damage the top layer of your hybrid flooring, if you have to ring out the mop, you’re working with too much water. Instead, your mop should only be slightly damp, and consider using ceiling fans to speed up the drying process as well. Take care not to scrub the floor with anything abrasive, as these can leave unintended scratches.

When getting familiar with how to clean hybrid floors, water will only get you so far. In contrast, heavy chemicals and abrasive agents like vinegar will damage the top layer of your floor and dull its finish, so consider investing in a worthy cleaning agent that is specialised just for flooring. 

If you’re not sure where to find such a product, quick, easy and convenient, top of the range products like Bona are stocked by Tile Wizards and come highly recommended in terms of hybrid floor maintenance solutions without the risk of damaging them over a long period of time.

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