How To Choose Wall Art For Your Home

A major principle of interior design is to make sure every room has a focal point. While wall art is one of the easiest ways to do so, how do you get it right?

Have you ever walked into a friend or family member’s home and the first thing you notice is a striking piece of wall art hanging in the lounge room or hallway? According to Jenny Wren over at Catalyst, we as humans are biologically predisposed to appreciate art. We can’t help it – it’s in our genes. 

“Humans like art. We like seeing art, we like hearing art, and we like making art – art stimulates physiological responses, such as changes in brain chemistry. Art exposes its audiences to a realm of new ideas, concepts and ideologies.”

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So basically, art is not only cool from an aesthetics angle, but that it’s proven to be good for us. Despite the potential benefits, finding the perfect piece of wall art to hang in your home as a feature is highly subjective and will usually boil down to your style, budget and existing home design. While you don’t need to spend a fortune, what should you consider before you start shopping?

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Six Tips On Finding The Perfect Wall Art For Your Abode

As any interior designer knows, wall art embellishes a home, adds to its character, infuses colour tones and absolutely adds value. What’s more is that empty walls have a habit of depersonalising a home and makes it feel unfinished or that something is missing. 

Use Your Existing Design – If your property has exposed brick walls with a purposefully industrial design, then the option of a canvas print with pink roses may look slightly out of place. For those lacking inspiration, start researching online for ideas for wall art based on home styling that resembles what you’re already working with to see what resonates. 

Think About Colour Psychology – Our brains interpret colours in a wide variety of ways, but there’s also different types of emotions we associate with them too. Cool colours like blues and greens are known to create calm but can also call to mind feelings of melancholy. In contrast, warm tones like reds and yellows can spark anything from joy to rage. 

Hero vs Complimentary – When shopping for wall art, homeowners need to make a choice: do you want the piece to stop a visitor in their tracks or do you want your choice of art to compliment other items in the room so that they coexist on equal footing. Hero pieces are often striking in size and colour, while complimentary art can be smaller and more subdued. 

Size Does Indeed Matter – Many people make the mistake of choosing wall art with the idea that big is better, but this isn’t always the case. Although the right size will depend on the room and the available wall space, be sure to weigh up whether a landscape or portrait design would work better, and even explore options for hanging multiple smaller pieces instead. 

Explore Framing Options – Unframed canvas art can look more relaxed, but it’s for this reason that they deter some homeowners. While the usual alternative is opting for a framed canvas as a wall art feature, other options include using photographs, posters or locally produced art prints in glass frames, but keep in mind what types of light may reflect from them. 

Consider DIY Options – What constitutes good wall art doesn’t always have to be a store bought painting and there’s plenty of ways to create your own masterpiece from scratch yourself. Some people prefer to make their own macrame style wall hanging, while others might prefer a mosaic type design from leftover tiles. Either way, your options are limitless. 

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