How to not get overwhelmed during renovation

The start of a renovation is always the most exciting part, but that excitement soon turns to frustration when you get overwhelmed by the process. Think of it as a marathon rather than a sprint. You won’t reach the finish line without some sweat, tears, and a lot of determination. Despite your meticulous planning, things may not always go as planned, and that’s okay. Take a deep breath and check out these stress-reducing tips to help you stay sane throughout your renovation adventure.

Know your budget

To have a successful home renovation it’s important to know exactly how much you have to spend so that you’re not left with the stress of unfinished jobs at the end to deal with yourself. To make your renovation as stress-free as possible, always add at least a 15-20% contingency amount to save you from unexpected costs that may arise.

Have a Plan B

While it’s essential to have a detailed plan for your home renovation, unexpected hiccups can and will happen. Weather delays, late deliveries, and unforeseen problems can all throw a wrench into even the best-laid plans. That’s why it’s essential to have a backup plan in place for as many potential scenarios as possible. Having a plan B can help alleviate some of the stress and uncertainty that comes with unexpected challenges, allowing you to roll with the punches and keep the renovation moving forward.


Just like a good relationship, communication is the key to a happy renovation. It’s essential to establish clear lines of communication among all parties involved in the project to prevent any surprises or misunderstandings. The entire family should be informed and on board with the renovation plans before any work begins to prevent any unexpected changes. 

During the renovation process, it’s crucial to maintain open and consistent communication between contractors, designers, and clients to ensure everyone’s needs and expectations are being met. Keeping communication transparent and frequent will help make the renovation process smoother and more enjoyable for everyone involved. And don’t forget to let your neighbours know. They’ll appreciate the heads-up.

Make sure you get some space

You’ll likely find yourself feeling cramped for space, longing for privacy, and struggling to find a moment of peace amidst the constant noise and activity. Of course, living somewhere else, whether that’s with friends or family or renting elsewhere is ideal, but it’s not always possible. 

Thankfully there are ways to make the experience less gruelling. Take breaks as often as possible to escape the madness and create cosy nooks in your home where you can retreat and recharge. With a little creativity and some TLC, you can survive the chaos of a home renovation and come out on the other side with a beautiful new space to call your own.

When it comes to a smooth sailing reno, it’s important to get yourself in the right headspace. Be ready to tackle any unexpected challenges, budget for more than you think you’ll need, keep the lines of communication open, and carve out moments of peace amidst the chaos. And when the going gets tough, remember to keep your eyes on the prize – a beautiful, shiny new home.

Chat Renovation Inspiration With The Professionals

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