How To Make Your Room Pop With 3D Tiles

Have you heard of 3D tiles? When it comes to making your room pop on a limited budget, this is the way to do it. Better yet, they look extravagant!

What are 3D wall tiles?

3D tiles bring a whole new dimension to the world of walls. Unlike the usual flat designs we’re accustomed to, these tiles make the wall texture truly stand out. There are two variations of 3D tiles available: Textured and non-textured.

Textured tiles invite you to run your hand over their surface, allowing you to feel the intricately embossed design. On the other hand, non-textured tiles employ a clever illusion that deceives our senses into perceiving raised patterns. When you run your hands over these tiles, you’ll be surprised to find a smooth surface.

Both types of 3D tiles possess the remarkable ability to infuse any room with undeniable character. Textured 3D tiles are commonly crafted from materials like porcelain or marble, while non-textured tiles use sleek mosaic-style designs to create an illusory sense of depth.

Where should you use 3D wall tiles?

The best part about 3D tiles is their versatility. You can use them in just about any room, and any space whether that’s at home, at work, or used in commercial venues. It can serve as a bold statement in a large area where you want to add an element of drama, or it can simply add some character to a smaller room that needs a bit of a pick-me-up.

What type of 3D wall tiles should you use?

When it comes to 3D tiles, you’re spoilt for choice, and what you choose will be based on your space, your overall aesthetic goal, and your personal taste.

For a touch of natural elegance, consider the allure of stone-look 3D tiles. They are particularly stunning in bathrooms and create a captivating focal point in living rooms near fireplaces or bookshelves. The textured surface of these tiles adds a cosy ambience that is challenging to achieve with ordinary flat tiles. With stone and concrete looks, you have the freedom to choose between subtle or bold textures, depending on the desired effect you wish to create.

Another great idea is to go for a glazed tile from the Sapporo collection, which makes the room look modern and unique. It is recommended that these tiles be installed horizontally to add a more dramatic 3D effect.

If you don’t want anything too dramatic, but you want to add a bit of flair to your room, the Sparkling collection is what you’re looking for. Installed horizontally to add a broad and contemporary impression, these 3D tiles sparkle when exposed to light reflections and make any room look luxurious without much effort.

The takeaway

When you’re choosing your 3D wall tiles, think first about the look you want to achieve and how bold you want the design to be. Also, consider how many other design elements will be in that room and remember to choose something that allows your personality to shine through. 3D tiles are a great option for most rooms and a more cost-effective way to add some flair to your space.

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