Should You Renovate Inside or Outside First?

The prospect of renovating a house might appear deceptively simple, but once you delve into the actual process, things can quickly become overwhelming and costly. If you don’t have a proper guideline of exactly what you need to do and the associated costs, your budget is quickly going to run out.

When you’re ready to renovate, you need a starting point, and the decision on whether to start with the inside or outside first is one that many struggle with. 

Here’s what you need to consider.

Which areas require the most attention?

A leaky ceiling, broken kitchen tiles, or a roof that has seen better days, but might be top of your priority list. When renovating your house, you must address the areas that require the most work, especially those that pose potential hazards. There is no point in having a beautifully landscaped garden if you are concerned about a roof that is on the verge of collapsing.

Take the season into consideration.

If you plan to renovate during the winter, it may be more practical to focus on the interior and leave the exterior for better weather conditions. Similarly, if you experience rainy summers, it might be wise to postpone exterior renovations until winter. By aligning your renovation plans with the seasons, you can minimise disruptions caused by unfavourable weather conditions.

Define your goals.

Not everyone will renovate their house with the same objectives in mind. Some renovate so they can sell, some want to add an extension to their house or fix a few problem areas, while others might want an entire renovation to make their living experiences more desirable. If you are planning to sell your house, paying attention to the exterior is necessary to attract prospective buyers. Something like getting solar could be a great way attract those buyers. Although the interior is equally important for a successful sale, if you only need to address a few issues inside, it might be worth considering prioritising the exterior to present your house in a more appealing light.

Stay mindful of your budget.

Always have a well-defined plan and budget before initiating any renovations. You might want to tackle the interior and exterior at the same time, but if your budget doesn’t call for it, you’ll need to start on the most important elements first (whether that’s inside or outside) before continuing with the renovation.

Commencing a renovation project doesn’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach. The key to renovate lies in assessing your budget and timeframe, as well as determining which elements to prioritise. This decision should consider the areas in most need of work, considering both safety and functional aspects. But it’s also necessary to consider your personal preferences and aspirations. If a beautiful exterior has always been your dream, there’s no harm in prioritising it, if the fundamentals are addressed first. By securing the structural integrity of your home, you can focus on the visual appeal.

Ultimately, the starting point of your renovation journey should be guided by a balance between addressing essential elements and fulfilling your personal vision for your home. 

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