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Interior Design Ideas: Queenslander

Queenslanders are one of Australia’s most iconic styles of houses. Their rich history and distinctive beauty are part of the reason why they hold such a special place in people’s hearts. The unique style of these homes also means that there are so many interior design concepts you can add to the house.

Old Interior Design Meets New For Classic Queenslanders

There are so many quintessential aspects of a Queenslander that make them special. When planning out your next interior design ideas you should be aware of the old concepts that were used to make these stunning houses what they are today, and be mindful of how you can build upon them to give your house a modern feel, without losing any of the house’s magic.

Here are some ways you can build on old styles and give them a modern touch.

Vertical joints – Walking into a Queenslander and seeing the vertical joints gives you a feeling that you can’t get from any other house in Australia. We recommend keeping them, but if you need you could also change a couple of rooms in the house to plasterboard to mix it up.

Plasterwork – Another great internal design choice architects made for Queensland is adding plasterboard features to the house. If you wanted to, you could have them removed if you think it will make the rest of the house look more modern. But we think they are timeless.

Timber window frames – Building window frames out of timber were a very popular choice when these houses were first being built. While we think this design choice is still great, you may want to install windows that are more secure and better at keeping bugs out of the house.

French Doors – These doors are great for letting in natural light but can be a nuisance in summer since keeping them open will draw the attention of so many mosquitoes and bugs. Replacing them with large window sliding doors and security doors is a great way to modernise your house while still keeping the classic Queenslander feel.

Kitchen ­– The kitchens in these houses were usually designed to be big since this was where families would eat traditionally. Since dining rooms are more common to use everyday — and not only for special occasions — you may want to fill in this space with an island bench, or maybe a complete renovation.

Bathrooms – Another of the questionable interior choices made at the time of construction was wooden bathrooms. While it can look good, let’s be honest, a wooden bathroom is not ideal. Finding and buying the right tiles online gives you the perfect opportunity to modernise your house and make it look fantastic.

Heritage colours – Reds, greens, and creams were the popular colours of the past. While they are still good colours, there are many colours that better fit current trends. Colour is also a great and easy way for you to express yourself via the inside and outside of your home.


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