Is Underfloor Heating Worth It In Australia?

Underfloor heating is an addition that anyone can put in their home that screams luxury. Having this heating in your house will add an incredible amount of comfort and cosiness in the cold winter months. Despite the warmth and joy that this heating can bring to anyone who has it in their home, it can be tricky to get installed and may be pushing the upper limit of many people’s budgets, and might only be used a few weeks of the year because of Australia’s climate. Because of this, we wanted to help you answer the question of is this heating really worth getting if you live in Australia.

The Pros Of Underfloor Heating

When discussing underfloor heating there are some major benefits:

It Is Fantastic – One of the biggest benefits of adding underfloor heating to your home is that this type of heating is incredible. The level of comfort and warmth that this type of heating provides is hard to replicate. Walking around your house on a winter’s morning without getting cold is simply amazing.

Spend Less Money Over Time – Another of the benefits of this form of heating is that it is more energy efficient compared to some other types of house heating. This of course will depend on energy tariffs as well as what other forms of heating you may currently be using to warm your home.

Adds Luxury To Your Home – Installing this into your home will add an immediate feeling of luxury. It does not matter the shape, size, or age of your home, once you put underfloor heating into it you will feel like you are living in a world-class resort.

There Are Different Types – Versatility is another of the pros of this heating. You are not required to install this in every part of your house. Having the choice of what parts of your home you want heated is a large benefit. Some also allow for zones, meaning you can choose the parts of the house you want to be heated and what parts do not need to be. For example, you want to incorporate this heating only for your ensuite design.

The Cons

With the good always comes the bad. There are a couple of downsides that we would like to let you know about.

Large Upfront Cost – One of the biggest drawbacks to this heating is that there is an exorbitant initial cost. While you may be able to make your money back over time, this initial barrier may be too large for many people to break.

Doesn’t Always Suits Australia’s Climate – Depending on whereabouts in Australia you live, it may not actually get cold enough to warrant installing underfloor heating to your house. There are also many other winter designs you could look at as an alternative to this.

Final Thoughts

If you can afford underfloor heating and think it is going to be worth the investment, then we would strongly suggest doing it.

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