Modern Farmhouse vs Classic Farmhouse2

Modern Farmhouse vs Classic Farmhouse

While both of these interior styles have the ability to inject a sense of warmth, what are the key differences between modern farmhouse and classic farmhouse?

For the unfamiliar, farmhouse interior design is often defined by its practicality and comfort, and relies on readily available materials such as timber elements and varying shades of white. While the origins of this design dates back to the early settlers of the United States, it’s popularity has endured thanks to it’s mismatched style and inviting sense of warmth and comfort. 

However, the modern homeowner looking to emulate this look must make a choice between modern farmhouse design, and the more traditional looking classic farmhouse design. While the fundamentals are generally the same, there are a few key distinctions that separate the old from the new. 

Modern Farmhouse And Classic Farmhouse Explained 

While market trends have gone hard after chasing looks that encapsulate minimalism and industrialism, farmhouse design is one of those rare concepts that has managed to buck these “stripped back” looks.
Modern Farmhouse vs Classic Farmhouse MODERNInstead, classic farmhouse style tends to reflect the aesthetics of rural architecture, while the modern versions of this design also embraces a few more contemporary touches, creating a look that feels both cozy and stylish. While creams and whites are usually regarded as the primary colours of choice for farmhouse design, homeowners often play with additions like royal blue kitchen cabinetry and deep reds or emerald green splashbacks to add their own personal touch. 

As a general rule, classic farmhouse design features additions and accessories such as timber panelling, bead boarding, open shelving, exposed wood, mixed metal pieces, butcher block counters, and apron sinks. Natural wood accents are considered to be one of the key staples for any classic farmhouse style home, so think wood panels on a wall, textured or rustic paint that shows the original materials, or even exposed beams on the ceiling.

In comparison, modern farmhouse design is known for its simplicity, characterised by natural textures and materials like wood or galvanised steel. Although white and timber are still regarded as the primary base inclusions, contemporary upgrades can also include copper accents (taps and lighting), subway tiles, quartz countertops, shaker style cabinetry and timber style flooring.

Apart from fixtures, what often separates classic farmhouse from modern farmhouse is the age and condition of the furnishings a homeowner chooses to include. An easy way to decorate in classic farmhouse style is to use vintage pieces – in fact, it’s best if they’re not in perfect condition, and often have weathered finishes. Other common elements include suede, leather, and cotton or linen fabrics, while also placing a big focus on natural light. 

For homeowners looking to bridge the gap between the old and the new, the key to unlocking your own personal style and take on farmhouse design often lies in colour. Mixing and matching styles and tones works well for almost any space, and lend a sense of practicality and charm. Adding a variety of paintings, photographs, plants, and farmhouse-style motifs all go a long way when it comes to applying your own stamp on this design, with common colour tones including barn red, robin’s egg blue, forest green, or sunny yellow.

If you’re into minimalism or clean finishes, then farmhouse design probably isn’t the look for you. After all, the look is all about worn floorboards, weathered metal, antiques, layers and patterns. Furniture and textiles should be chosen for their backstory, along with functionality. However, it also doesn’t mean sourcing items entirely from a thrift outlet, and at some point you’re going to need to go shopping for materials that you need as the base – but where do you start?

While both of these interior styles have the ability to inject a sense of warmth, what are the key differences between modern farmhouse and classic farmhouse?

Modern Farmhouse vs Classic Farmhouse CLASSIC

Sourcing The Right Materials For Farmhouse Design 

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