Nailing Modern Beach House Design2

Nailing Modern Beach House Design

Whether you currently live by the sea or simply wish you did, the good news is that nailing modern beach house design might just be easier than you think. 

Since we’re seemingly spending more time at home than ever before, many people are choosing to reinvest their traditional holiday fund back into their properties. If your home is your castle, then it should come as no surprise that many of us wish to style our homes in a way that gives us the same feeling of being by the beach – calm, relaxation, light, bright and airy. 

Modern beach house design usually includes a fresh palette of white-washed linens, natural textures, ocean inspired blues and freshly painted white timber finishes that work beautifully in Australian homes. After all, we are predominantly a nation of beach lovers, so it makes sense that designs that are coastal are growing in popularity – but what are some of the other key staples when it comes to nailing this look?

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The Fundamentals Of Modern Beach House Design

While the Hamptons style interior design is generally inspired by the architecture and decorating of the holiday homes and buildings found in luxury seaside communities of Long Island near New York City, Australia’s take on modern beach house design is slightly different – and arguably, much more relaxed. 

From sheltered estuaries to long stretches of sandy beaches to rocky cliff sides, Australia hit the jackpot when it comes to being home to such an extraordinary range of coastal and seaside environments. Whether you actually get to live by the beach or instead just want to channel the same, look, feel and ultimately energy, common features of Australian modern beachy house design usually includes open plan spaces that link indoor and outdoor living, natural materials such as stone, timber and glass, simple and clean lines, plus a ‘back to basics’ approach when it comes to applying colour.

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Harness The Light – One of the most important aspects of modern beach house design is aiming for little to no boundary between the indoors and outdoors, so opt for large windows, glass doors, skylights and even sheer curtains in order to harness natural light. The feel you’re chasing is to almost feel like you’re outside even whilst sitting in your lounge room. 

Use Weatherboards – The traditional weatherboards used for beach houses across Australia require lots of maintenance and regular repainting. Instead, opt for contemporary materials such as fibre cement weatherboards or cladding, which ultimately offer the same horizontal aesthetics with a fraction of the hassle and ongoing maintenance. 

Go Natural – To craft a relaxed design, incorporate natural elements. Furniture is often made out of wicker, rattan, or light, weathered woods. Pay attention to the types of building materials that you opt for, as advancements in technology means that you can even use synthetic additions to create the same feel as the more expensive materials like natural stone and timber

Coastal Colours – While most of us know that white is the secret to opening up a space, these days beach house interiors also incorporate soft hues such as beiges, greys and blues both inside and outside. Whatever you do, avoid sharp and contrasting colours, and try to avoid too much blue if you want to avoid a style that can look tacky and date quickly. 

Outdoor Bathrooms – Whether the end goal is to use it to rinse off after swimming in your pool or at the beach, after working in your garden, or simply to enjoy the great outdoors in a whole new manner, outdoor bathrooms come in a wide variety of looks, shapes and sizes. It’s another great way to bring the outdoors in, and feel like you’re on holidays every day. 

If it isn’t quite clear already, modern beach house design in Australia is not quite the same as the Hamptons or Nautical looks. Ideally, ‘soothing’ should be the word that springs to mind when home owners are attempting to embody this look, and the key tip that’s often forgotten is to just keep things simple and get back to basics to craft a style that won’t easily age or date. 

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Talk To The Experts On Sourcing Beach House Design Materials

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